Hidden in plain sight. Changing our collective vision in isolation.

Since I’ve been spending more time at home than normal; so true for most of us these days (I made sure of it when I quit my other job just before the world went into isolation/quarantine 🙂 ). I have been noticing the increased frequency of the interesting, and not at all unheard of, experience of looking for something that I just know I have, that I remember putting in a particular place, and yet not finding it.

Also knowing it will eventually turn up (well only mostly knowing that, to be honest).

Then getting into some other project or trying to find something totally different (notice a trend here…nope not much for housework hahaha) and then finding the thing I’m looking for.

This has happened three times just in the last month. I found an Amazon Fire Stick that I spent hours looking for at Christmas because I had a friend I thought could use it. I KNEW I had it, I looked “everywhere” and it was not to be found.

A couple weeks ago (while looking for an AC adapter) I found it. On the shelf on my desk that is essentially at eye level(!!!). It was hiding in plain sight!

Two weeks ago I wanted to find my huge bottle of Turmeric that I knew I had (just having finished one, and knowing I had bought two way back when). I know where I keep my spices. I could not freaking find it. I started doubting that I had gotten it, thinking maybe I had used it all and not realized it.

Today when I was cooking I looked in the same place I looked before and sure enough THERE IT WAS (see photo with this post). It was also hiding in plain sight!

And now I’m looking for a bag of dice (ok I have three other bags…but this is the one with some of my favorite dice in it that I brought with me to Hawaiicon last year). Can I find it? Nope, not yet. However I did find the Turmeric and I think I may have found my adapter hahaha.

One could say that this is because I have reached the time in my life where I should just expect this hahaha.

I have also heard it explained (in a non-age related way 🙂 ) that it is the result of our vibration and that when we are out of alignment with something we actually can’t “see” it. Kind of like a radio not being tuned to a station, and once we tune to the vibration we can then see it, since we are on its wave length so to speak.

I’ve been taught that when we are trying too hard and using too much effort that it gums up the works on a spiritual level until we let it go, give up and then relax.

I have additionally heard it explained that our Oversoul (a term I first heard used in the Seth books by Jane Roberts), who is the one who keeps this version of our 3-D reality consistent day to day, forgot to materialize it momentarily, so we literally couldn’t see it.

This brings me back to our reality today (what day is it again?) when everything is in so much flux. I think perhaps the reason I’m finding these things all at once is partially due to not operating in a “business as usual” kind of way. (None of us are, we are navigating the ever changing waters of “nothing is as usual”.)

Maybe this is an indication of a larger trend, perhaps with the changes that are happening to all of us, in response to the viral threat, we are being jostled out of our normal day-to-day vision.

The vision where we see things as we think they are, just out of habit, rather than seeing how they actually are (or could be) in any given moment, possibly being out of phase with something. Maybe this applies to larger things.

What if there have been answers to long asked questions, inventions or cures or new approaches, that have been hiding in plain site, waiting for the right moment to be seen, just like my huge container of Turmeric.

I am really liking that idea so I’m going to go with it.

I’m not concerned at the moment whether that is due to a change in our collective vibration, so we line up with them; or our collective Oversoul making them easier to see in our virtual physical dimensional reality; or our collective and individual vision getting an upgrade. I just really like the idea of the things we are looking for being right in front of us all of a sudden.

Now if I could just find my old bag of many sided dice. I know it’s around here somewhere. (Grin).

Blessings and Aloha,


Paradigm shift through viral solitude. March 2020

So it occurred to me this evening that along with the healing that is happening on planet Earth with so many humans taking a virus imposed “time out”. That there is another potential gift from all of this.

Backstory is that I had a powerful experience recently. Since the end of December due to some health challenges and surgeries that kept me at home, off work, and essentially self isolating as a result, I found myself outside of the “rat race” and fully experienced for the first time in years that even if that race was for a good cause it was still not my race to run. Getting a rest from it all reset my energy entirely.

The experience changed me on a fundamental level and through that it became very clear to me what I needed to do; meaning leave the job I had been saying I’d leave for the last two years, and go back and give energy to what I truly love. The experience also gave me enough of my own energy back to be able to finally act on that information and give notice, even though it included doing it in the continued face of uncertainty.

Having said all that it occurred to me that there is a possibility that some (many?) of the people who are having to stay at home for an extended period of time may also be gifted with distance from some particular way of existing, perhaps be redirected to art & music & games & writing & reading & spirituality, or whatever else might truly call to them.

In so doing it’s possible an entire section of the population could choose differently when the time comes to leave their homes and re-enter the outside world. That choice could change the face of society in a positive way.

Could be a good thing in the long run.


Gaming in real time. Life in March 2020 in the age of corona.

I find myself thinking of this lately, as life just keeps escalating. Not sure who can relate to what I’m thinking, but here goes. (You know me I’m the Analogy Queen ).

You know when you’re playing a game, more specifically a video game or some variant… and you’re getting ready to change to the next level? What happens?


Things get progressively harder and more intense and then … You run into what is known as the “boss”, the big bad gatekeeper of the end of that level. It’s the way these games work. You have to find a way to battle or subdue or in some way defeat or get past the boss in order to make it out of that level into the next higher one.

I have often had to save and retry a bunch of times to get past some particular nasty “big bads”. I’ve gone online to find out how other people have succeeded. I’ve looked for different ways to approach or timing to use, or find out where it’s vulnerable. I eventually find a way through even if it seems like I never will, even if it feels like this level is wayyy too hard and there’s no way through.

The way is built into the game. It’s there somewhere.

Anyway, through the battle(s) the experience points gained help you to increase your character’s abilities, level up and sometimes allow you to have new spells and helpers (what you get depends on the kind of character you are playing of course).

Remember what the other thing is that happens? Yes! Once you defeat the boss, what’s left behind are coins and armor and trinkets and magical items. Often beyond the level of your character, but that will give you advantages and even more fun, as you move on into the next levels of the game.

You can always tell you are at the end of one level and the threshold of the next level by the appearance of a big bad scary powerful something…dragon, massive spider, Orc king, Sorcerer, Virus.

Remember…Next level, on the other side, just saying.

Don’t give up.

Aloha and blessings,


Subtle energy grid and hubs of thought

Information that I got last week when doing some energy reading (sometimes it feels like I get information on a “carrier wave” as I am working with someone).

I saw once again an energy grid, this time with little nodes, or nodules; and in the same way that copper wires are used for transmitting electrons, there are these “thought lines” – not cords, but rather streams of energy;  more akin to packets for a data stream for a computer. These Thought lines/power lines connect the hubs and transmit energy and information between them; they are as real as the copper wires, just less physical, made of more subtle energy; are able to carry vast amounts of information almost instantly.

There is an exchange of information sometimes that happens from being in a specific place physically – or it can happen between two nodes (and when I say nodes I really mean individuals) via any type of communication, even phone calls. So sometimes your desire/need to go somewhere is not just about the mundane reason; job, vacation, family…it’s about making a connection; bringing a “packet of energy” to a specific place and downloading it, or retrieving one to bring back with you to another “hub”. This is all on purpose, but the volition comes from a “higher” level of our own consciousness than we might be aware of at the time.

It is essentially like setting up a network.

(note to self regarding a reading I received from a woman recently where I was told to “go get your molecules out there” meaning get out of my house and go out to different places, new places I hadn’t been before so that I could get my vibration out in the world… I was curious about that, but in this context it makes a little more sense.)

It looks like setting up a data net, or a neural network –  but of energy, planetary in nature. Perhaps this has gone on all along and it is just now becoming obvious (?); or perhaps it’s a newly evolving aspect of ourselves as a global expression of consciousness. The electronics that we use these days (social networking etc.) certainly mimic this, and may even enhance it, but it isn’t about the electronics – it starts in consciousness and moves into manifestation from there.

This is related to this global energetic grid that keeps showing up on an non-physical level. One of the images I got was the visual of synapses in the brain and the idea of our individual point of consciousness  each being like a neuron (?) in this larger mental architecture; and that in the same way a child develops neural pathways and connections as it matures, we as a global consciousness are doing something similar, there is some maturing process that we are in; moving toward greater connectivity and information transmission within “ourselves” as a larger entity.

It also occurred to me that this exchange via the hubs and the thought lines, was important cool stuff and needed to be happening for our evolution; that as we each become more focused and generate more “umph” (the technical term!) that we have a greater ability to transmit and carry energy and information to where it needs to go, and also more hmmmm dare I say responsibility? Perhaps rather than responsibility I will say that what we each gain as a result of this exchange is personally valuable and creates a sense of inner wellbeing and satisfaction, and avoiding it can feel less good. Plus it doesn’t require effort, it only requires presence. Most of this is all “running in the background” so to speak (borrowing another computer term), so it isn’t “more work” to do, it kind of just happens.

Food for thought. I am making a point to start writing this stuff down as I get it, make notes etc. So I can go back to it later and retrieve it, more has been coming in via dreams as well and I will have to go back and grab some of that information as well, but for now I wanted to include this.  The info was current as of this weekend, and it’s always interesting to me what I get.  It fades some with time even with the notes, but this is better than letting it just float away.

Aloha and Blessings,