Subtle energy grid and hubs of thought

Information that I got last week when doing some energy reading (sometimes it feels like I get information on a “carrier wave” as I am working with someone).

I saw once again an energy grid, this time with little nodes, or nodules; and in the same way that copper wires are used for transmitting electrons, there are these “thought lines” – not cords, but rather streams of energy;  more akin to packets for a data stream for a computer. These Thought lines/power lines connect the hubs and transmit energy and information between them; they are as real as the copper wires, just less physical, made of more subtle energy; are able to carry vast amounts of information almost instantly.

There is an exchange of information sometimes that happens from being in a specific place physically – or it can happen between two nodes (and when I say nodes I really mean individuals) via any type of communication, even phone calls. So sometimes your desire/need to go somewhere is not just about the mundane reason; job, vacation, family…it’s about making a connection; bringing a “packet of energy” to a specific place and downloading it, or retrieving one to bring back with you to another “hub”. This is all on purpose, but the volition comes from a “higher” level of our own consciousness than we might be aware of at the time.

It is essentially like setting up a network.

(note to self regarding a reading I received from a woman recently where I was told to “go get your molecules out there” meaning get out of my house and go out to different places, new places I hadn’t been before so that I could get my vibration out in the world… I was curious about that, but in this context it makes a little more sense.)

It looks like setting up a data net, or a neural network –  but of energy, planetary in nature. Perhaps this has gone on all along and it is just now becoming obvious (?); or perhaps it’s a newly evolving aspect of ourselves as a global expression of consciousness. The electronics that we use these days (social networking etc.) certainly mimic this, and may even enhance it, but it isn’t about the electronics – it starts in consciousness and moves into manifestation from there.

This is related to this global energetic grid that keeps showing up on an non-physical level. One of the images I got was the visual of synapses in the brain and the idea of our individual point of consciousness  each being like a neuron (?) in this larger mental architecture; and that in the same way a child develops neural pathways and connections as it matures, we as a global consciousness are doing something similar, there is some maturing process that we are in; moving toward greater connectivity and information transmission within “ourselves” as a larger entity.

It also occurred to me that this exchange via the hubs and the thought lines, was important cool stuff and needed to be happening for our evolution; that as we each become more focused and generate more “umph” (the technical term!) that we have a greater ability to transmit and carry energy and information to where it needs to go, and also more hmmmm dare I say responsibility? Perhaps rather than responsibility I will say that what we each gain as a result of this exchange is personally valuable and creates a sense of inner wellbeing and satisfaction, and avoiding it can feel less good. Plus it doesn’t require effort, it only requires presence. Most of this is all “running in the background” so to speak (borrowing another computer term), so it isn’t “more work” to do, it kind of just happens.

Food for thought. I am making a point to start writing this stuff down as I get it, make notes etc. So I can go back to it later and retrieve it, more has been coming in via dreams as well and I will have to go back and grab some of that information as well, but for now I wanted to include this.  The info was current as of this weekend, and it’s always interesting to me what I get.  It fades some with time even with the notes, but this is better than letting it just float away.

Aloha and Blessings,