Interesting article I didn’t write, but wanted to share; “This is our moment – Hold the Light!”

Mauna Kea - photo credit Erika Ginnis consciousmetamorphosis.comAloha!

I receive many things from many different lists I am on, and I don’t share them all for obvious reasons 😉 but this particular email was forwarded to me and since the subject line sounds so much like one I’d write myself I had to read it.

I finally also got around to listening to the “download” video and thought it was cool enough to share, and so in the spirit of sharing the wealth; for your reading pleasure here it is (make sure and take the 15 minutes to do the YouTube link I personally enjoyed it).

It’s all light worker stuff, so you all should take right to it, and you’re welcome to share it (as it says on the bottom) as long as you keep it in tact.

Many blessings,



by Patricia Cota-Robles

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Here is a youtube of the wave hitting Kona.

We here in Puna were so blessed. Everyone was evacuated that was within the inundation zone; since I am 300 feet above sea level I stayed put and had friends come stay with me that were evacuated.

Here is a good video of the wave hitting the other side of the island over in Kona.

Please join me in sending energy blessing and healing to all the people in Japan and everywhere where the damage happened.

May all Blessed be.

Aloha and blessings,

Amazing choirs at the Heathrow airport. Welcome Home.

I know this is an advert, but so was that amazing discovery channel video, and I watched that a million times too!

This was so much God/Universe/Source/Love in action. The feeling in this touches me and reminds me why people are so precious and I love them/us so much.


I absolutely believe that that is the greeting we are getting from the Universe every single day that we open our eyes in this life, and that it is totally what greets us as we make our transition from this reality to the next.


Aloha and Blessings,

Awesome talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on the creative process

I love this woman. I also really adore what she is talking about, on a lot of levels. This video is on creativity and creative process and re-framing how we look at it.

I totally relate to so much of it. I especially liked her story about that poet feeling a poem coming to her across the field, and racing to get paper to write it down.

Many things I have written come to me all in one piece; and my poems (which I will at some point compile into a book) have more often than not, started with a line in my mind which lets me know that they are ready to come through me.

I had to make an agreement years ago with my “muse” that what was wanting to come through would wait until I had the time to actually put it into print. I let it exist as a symbol above my head (7th Chakra area) I can see it/feel it there; and when I am ready and have the focused time I allow it to download so-to-speak.

This is one of the first times I have heard anyone else talk about some of these things, which is so very cool.

I also like the idea of applauding who we are as creative individuals (all of us) for showing up and doing the work regardless of whether it is our “crowning achievement” or not. yes yes yes.

When you have 20 minutes I highly recommend listening to this. It is very uplifting.
Blessings to you
Aloha ~Erika

Erika Ginnis teaches grounding (part 3 of 3) from Essential Mysteries

Here is the final in a three part series on the technique of Grounding from Chapter 2 of “Essential Mysteries: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century Mystic” (Part 3 of 3); a guided meditation for experiencing the technique.

“Allow your grounding to flow down into the earth past all the rocks and layers of the planet, past the water, deep, deep into the earth, into the heart of the Mother, until it reaches the center of the Earth.”