Essential Mysteries

-Alicia Power., Seattle Washington

“Erika is an incredibly insightful counselor and teacher. She is personally open, delightful and funny. She draws on her vast spiritual experience and uses many modern metaphors to communicate and make concepts accessible. She has remarkable depth of clarity, wisdom and compassion. I highly recommend her sessions and classes. She has given me insight, support and a lot of laughs as well! I wish I could visit with her every week. Take notes as you will not want to miss a word!” October 18, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

-Lois Nakamura., Hilo Hawaii

“I had a blessing in July and about 25 people gathered around the living room in my house expecting just a short prayer but it was beyond anything one could imagine it seemed all the past had lifted away and everyone could feel the difference. It was the most beautiful experience one could imagine a week later the house went up for sale and two couples fell in love with it immediately it was all so fast and with not the usual delays when selling a home. It was awesome. Erika and her helper gave me piece of mind one would not think possible. Thank you for the best.”
-Lois Nakamura

-Judy D., Florida

“Thought I would tell you I am now working part time as a pet nurse…am dating a Yogi who is really a great positive guy…I weigh 137 pounds…am feeling good…my daughter, son-in-law, and I just launched a vegan raw food snack venture…www.ourmarvelousgarden.com…I took all the photos and built the website…I have reclaimed myself…and you were an instrumental part of that Erika…many blessings to you…”

-Shelly King., Monroe Washington

“Thank you so much – I am feeling much more peace and happiness. I feel like the cloud of negativity is lifted and I have this inner feeling of more wholeness to really be who I want to become and that I can achieve this & start designing the life I wish to have, as well as the person I want to be inside and out.
I really appreciate the work you do! You’re incredible!

Warmth & Love”

-Lori Campbell., Kirkland Washington

“I was experiencing emotional blockages that led to frequent illnesses and a fear of living my life to its fullest. The soothing, nurturing reassurance of Erika’s good work filled me with joy. Now my life is richer and more full of love for myself and others than it has ever been! I’ve  found that healing the emotions is much more efficient than treating the illnesses that arise from emotional blockages.”

– Susan DuMett of vox vespertinus, operatic vocalist and writer, Seattle Washington.

“Through my work with Erika I have come to realize my connection to spirit, claim my personal power by acting and thinking from my highest self (instead of from a place of depression, fear and lack) and put my vision into action to create the life I’ve always wanted.

After a long illness and a series of failed relationships I had fallen into a destructive pattern of thinking and being that brought about increased struggle instead of the change I desired. Though traditional therapy had helped, it was finding a counselor and mentor who integrated spirituality and energy work with counseling that helped me finally break the chains that bound me.
Working with Erika, I learned how to run positive healing energy and release the negative, dis-empowering stuff. I learned how to stay centered and keep my heart light and open even in the midst of challenges. I understood how my past patterns helped to manifest the struggles I experienced and how in creating a new vibration I could begin to live lighter–without judgment, without needing to control outcomes–and create something new and beautiful that actually helped other people in the process.

Erika’s work inspires people to live in the bright shining light of life. It is a method of navigating the ups and downs of being human that honors all experiences, perspectives and religions while opening the individual to their truest self and the myriad of opportunities that are available to them. Given where I came from and where I am now, I know that anything is possible. I am so grateful to Erika for her help and encouragement.

-Denise Coates; author of “Feel it Real ” California

“Since I began working with Erika my life has gotten better in every way possible. I’m happier, healthier, more connected, and most of all, feeling greater peace of mind and self love. I came to Erika to help me deal with some fears I was having and to feel more connected to Spirit. She has helped me exponentially in both areas. What’s more, she has given me invaluable tools and techniques for grounding and centering myself in my busy life.
Erika has helped me to surrender and trust in my version of God again and for that I am eternally grateful to her. She’s also fun, funny, knowledgeable on so many different levels of metaphysics, highly intuitive to the individual energy system of her clients, and you really get the feeling that she cares about each of her clients.
Being a metaphysical teacher myself, I was looking for someone who wouldn’t let me dance around my issues with my ability to put happy stickers on my life, but rather someone who would help me face directly what’s up for me to cleanse and heal. Erika has helped me do this and so much more.
She is like a walking encyclopedia of spiritual information from various traditions and has knowledge and skill at teaching from many many different angles. I would recommend Erika to ANYONE at all who’s interested in growing and healing themselves as a Spiritual being. She’s such a Godsend. Thanks.”

-Melanie H.,  Seattle Washington

“When I first started teaching, I felt overwhelmed by my new responsibilities. Erika gave me a reading that helped clarify my issues. She also gave me practical techniques to deal with my students. I left feeling stronger and better able to deal with my new role. I feel I’m a better teacher because of Erika!”

-Richard C.,  Seattle Washington

“I suffered a horrendous auto accident in several years ago and began taking meditation classes from Erika shortly after. My physical therapist noticed immediate healing whenever I had an appointment directly after my class. As a result of Erika’s teaching, I’m certain I was able to heal much more quickly. She had a real impact on my physical health.”