Planetary shifts in 2013. There was a change in 2012; have you felt it?

photo credit Erika Ginnis

photo credit Erika Ginnis

There really was a change.


After all the attention 2012 received it’s very interesting to be in 2013. How has it been for you living in the months after the “end of the world”? Seems like such a long time ago doesn’t it?

And today is only Valentines Day 2013.

Let’s start with some questions.


How many of you were relieved that the world continued to spin and the stars stayed in the heavens, after the end of last year?

How many of you had already dismissed the more radical of the dire predictions and had decided that the shift wouldn’t be quite so dramatic?

Now here’s another question. How many of you on some level; in your heart of hearts (hidden deep where no one else could see) were still hoping for something…something tangible, something you could point at and say “here! Right here! This is the change that happened. This makes it all valid, something really did happen at the end of 2012”.

And how many of you were feeling sad, depressed or at least just a tad disappointed that there wasn’t anything tangible (no alien space crafts on the evening news, no overnight restructuring of the economic system, no instant global enlightenment).

Have any of you been out there, walking around especially last month, in the dawn of the new year, feeling just a little lost?

If so, cut yourself some slack.

See the thing is something did change. There really was a change.

Where we can get tripped up is that it didn’t show up in the way we wanted it to look, or thought it would look, or were afraid it would look.

It’s like there was this enormous fight or flight response on a race consciousness level that got activated but nothing presented itself across the board to release it.

Now yes there were absolutely some crises both large and small; as well as grief and loss touching us on some very personal levels.

But that isn’t what I am talking about.

It’s like this large number of humans all decided to go on a thrill ride together; to somehow all go on the biggest baddest roller coaster ride ever made. We talked about it waited for it, worried about it, imagined it, prepared for it. Ticket in hand we collectively approached the platform and when we got there, we found not an “E ticket” ride, not even a roller coaster at all but just a big library with tables and chairs and books.

Nothing exciting going on, no screaming, no hands held in the air as you start down that steep fast descent, just the hushed quiet of shelves and shelves of books. So we walk in and just kind of stare, wander around in a sort of confused unfocused sense of “huh?” how’d I get here?

But the thing is it’s all perceptual (now there’s a surprise). We are looking in the “wrong” places or perhaps in the “wrong” ways.

There was and has been and continues to be major energetic changes. Last year we expected it were prepared for it (to some degree) and navigated it to the best of our ability (perhaps we saw it as a means to an end).

What seems to be the case is that now as we continue in the eternal organic process that all these changes seem to follow; we are drifting rather than navigating; and perhaps that is because some part of us thought we’d be done by now, rather than we has just barely opened the door to an entirely new paradigm.

How do you look at all this?

Did you feel like you wanted to just “take your baseball and go home”; decide that evolutionary shift concept is all just BS and go back to business as usual?

Well that won’t get you far because we aren’t in the same Universe we were last year, and you aren’t the same person.

I mean that in the best of ways. This is the Universe where we shifted consciousness to the level where most of the intense changes happened on the astral and energetic levels (anyone had any intense dreams over the last couple months?).

And you are the person who navigated yourself here.

Perception colors (some would say creates) everything.

Let’s think back to that library. If you look at it from one perspective it’s quiet, ordered, organized and perhaps a bit boring. Definitely not a roller coaster!

However if you look at it from a different perspective it alters your perception; inside of every book is an entire world filled with adventure or information, drama, love, magic, enlightenment, even roller coasters.

So there are, in this library, shelves and shelves of stories all existing simultaneously, and able to be experienced simultaneously by as many people as there are books to read.

It’s not actually a quiet library.

The trick is to know where to listen. Don’t think that just because there aren’t sounds flowing through the air hitting your ears, that it is quiet. The sound from all the dialog’s and battles and the spaceships would be deafening if you knew where to listen.

This is the year of reinvention. Do you feel you are feeling something new? Sometimes that can come in the guise of feeling lost, sometimes it just feels like you know something’s different but you can’t put your finger on it.

This is a new year and the new paradigm that is just barely beginning. Maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself and your life. Finding that who you “were” is no longer and who you are becoming in not entirely completed; but it is starting to become clearer. And what better day to do it than today; and look it’s Valentines day dedicated to Love (that’s my story and I am sticking to it!).

Pay attention, notice if how you are relating to people is changing.

You are NOT losing your mind. The energy IS really intense. Be mindful to be kind to yourself and notice if you find a tendency to be self critical…or other critical. This isn’t essential but if it is happening just remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS. And of course Mercury the trickster is going retrograde “Real Soon Now” ™ LOL.

Take time for self care and make it a habit to say nice things to yourself daily.

Remind yourself that your perception of a thing really creates a large part of that thing; so pay attention to how you are viewing things.

  • Take the time to complete relationship issues you swept under the rug over the last year.
  • Meditate.
  • learn and practice grounding.
  • Give yourself (and others) some slack.

This is a tremendous amount of energy directed at us; it is one of the reasons some people are having such a hard time right now; especially if they don’t have a way to ground off the excess energy. The good thing about “lotsa energy” is that it can be directed, and it can assist in the manifestation of dreams and visions.

Plus great news (for me) I FINALLY completed one of my downloadable Guided Meditations. People have only been asking me to create these things for 15 years now (ahhh Pisces so very prompt!).

It ends up being perfect for right now (even though it wasn’t the one I thought I was going to get out there first; Spirit had other ideas :)). It’s called Essential Meditations: Volume One, Grounding for ease and wellbeing. You can find it on the side bar of this blog, and possibly even on this post if I can figure that part out LOL.

I am of the opinion that if you use it regularly it will be really useful for you. It will help you to release all of the stuff that no longer serves you; and leaves you with an actual repeatable energy technique; the one that I always tell everyone is the very foundation of everything else I do or teach.

There really was a change in 2012. Now take that change and run with it, let it make you new again and again.


Aloha and Blessings and Happy Valentines Day!


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Winter Solstice 2012; what is ending, what is beginning?

The candle light the night during Winter Solstice

The candle light the night during Winter Solstice

Happy Solstice!


I wanted to make sure and get this post out before the world ended… Oh wait just kidding. I don’t actually believe the world will end 12/21/2012, but I do know that there are a lot of people who are entertaining the idea that it just might. I also know that the energy has been intense enough that it’s really very obvious that something IS actually going on.


This is the time in the northern hemisphere where the days are short and the nights are long. It is the darkest night, from which the light of the New is born. It is a time of cycles beginning and ending. It is a time of power and wonder, and wisdom and promise. It is also a time that calls for a deep faith and trust; trust that the light will return and that it will not all be endless night. These are the things our ancestors confronted at this time of year, and it is to a great degree what we are still asking ourselves; especially this year.

Let me address the idea of the world ending, just because it ends up being the “elephant in the room” when dealing with spiritual matters in the later part of 2012, especially in December. I believe that our worlds begin and end several times each day, and most certainly when we go to sleep for the evening and wake again each morning.

The fact that we wake to anything like the semblance of what has gone before, is a testament to our tenacious power of focus and our ability to hold energy in place through belief. This can be a really good thing! It helps to know that when you wake up from a particularly disturbing dream that you will arrive safely in your bed once you open your eyes. ( I must say however, that I am not quite as pleased when I wake from a dream of winning the lottery…ahem…but it’s all part of that belief system, and having a dream of something pleasant says to me that at the very least I am entertaining the idea of it energetically.)

But I digress. In any case it’s nice to know that gravity is basically going to work more or less when you step onto the floor. Our lives are a series of events each moving on to the next and each one changing the world as we know it and creating a new world. It’s why free will is such a powerful idea and experience. And even though there are things that happen that if you were to ask me directly I would say a resounding “No way” to, they do sometimes take place; and even if I do not always know the answer to the question of “why?” in the moment; I am still left with my ability to exercise my free will in the area of “where am I going to place my focus now?”.

So I ask you the question. Where are you focused? And how does that affect you in your new ever-ending ever-beginning world? Is this the darkness from which the New light will be born?

Are you noticing that we are in a world of shifting sands and so are focusing on your grounding and meditation so you can breathe more freely? Are you in an ocean of turbulent seas desperately treading water hoping the waves don’t get any higher? Are you grieving a loss? Are you celebrating a new life? Are you avoiding all media in general in order to mitigate the onslaught of information and imagery that continues to be distributed? Are you secretly hoping that the world does end on the 21st so that you don’t have to finish your Christmas shopping? 🙂

Where is your attention? Is it serving you? Is it serving the world? What would you change if you knew that your focus strongly effected the mix of what was happening in your life, on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level? Perhaps you already know that and still find yourself focused in ways that seem less than ideal.

If that is so, welcome to the club, and welcome also to the continuing opportunity to gradually but consistently choose to steer your own personal course in the direction of strengthening the kind of world in which you would like to live. What if 12/21/12 was the end of the world, what “world” would you have end, what would you leave behind; and more importantly what “world” would you create in its place?

We are in the middle of an influx of energy; it is tangible and sometimes hard to navigate. It is effecting all of us on the planet in different ways. No it’s not just your imagination, or maybe it is so perhaps it’s time to start paying attention to where your imagination gets to play.

I had a yoga teacher that had a practice of suggesting that we say to ourselves every evening before bed “I am going to wake up tomorrow and know that in the night miraculous things will have happened and I am waking up in a world more full of grace than the one I am going to sleep in this evening; and that these new miracles will be revealed to me all through the day.”

Sounds like a good plan to me. 🙂

Happy Solstice! Welcome the Light, in all its forms. So mote it be, and So it is.

Aloha and Blessings,



Venus retrograde and Venus conjunction 2012; bring on the gold energy.

Faith and TrustLots going on as we have been seeing and hearing over the airways. Energy at really high levels; effecting people in many different ways; not all of which have been useful. Plus Venus; planet of love and beauty and grace, is retrograde for 6 weeks (we all feel the transit for a bit longer just due to the time it takes for things to slow down or then speed back up). I have written about this before (by the light of an old flame) although it was a different energy then and different signs were involved. What is still true is that when Venus goes retrograde it can feel as if a gray screen is placed over life.

This is not set in stone, so if you are having a grand time then please party on! You may if you wish just skip down to the meditation at the end of this post; which is for everyone no matter how much or how little fun you are having with this transit.

Having said all that; I know of many people who have been asking me “what is happening??? I feel yucky when will it end?” and so I write some of this next part for you.

You are NOT losing your mind. The energy IS really intense, and with Venus retrograde there IS the potential of feeling lack luster, or like you aren’t attractive or never were :); it’s possible that you may find yourself with a tendency to be self critical…or other critical. It’s hard to see value with this transit. Things that look good now may not look good in a little while, our sense of esthetics gets all messed up (maybe wait to do that daring new hair style after the transits are a little better suited for beauty LOL). We can lose hope or feel things are moving backwards. This isn’t essential but if it is happening just remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Truly this happens every year and a half for 6 weeks and if you know what’s up you can have a better time and perhaps not let it get to you quite so much. This current retrograde started May 15th 2012 and continues until June 27th 2012.

Another hallmark for this transit is the entrance back into your life of people from your past. It’s time to look back over old relationships, and often people who you have not seen or thought of will contact you. I had the wonderful experience of having someone get in touch with me from my HS days. I adore him and it was so nice to have contact again, so not all of Venus retrograde has to be “bad”… quite the contrary; it can be really nice.

I have also heard that what you were dealing with around the last time Venus went retrograde you may revisit and experience some completion with regards to it.

Something that is always true but not always commented on; is that Venus retrograde is always sandwiched between two Mercury retrogrades; there is a little breathing room between them but not a lot, just due to how retrogrades fall. So I think this is another thing that can makes it all feel so fricking long. One thing to remember is that mercury retrograde is more mechanical in nature (and that can mean the mechanics of communication of course), but Venus retrograde seems to effect the heart and the emotions and so they are really two different feeling transits.

Things to do during this transit?

  • Visit with your newly re-discovered friends.
  • Take time for self care and make it a habit to say nice things to yourself daily.
  • Remind yourself that your perception of a thing really creates a large part of that thing; so pay attention to how you are viewing things.
  • Take the time to complete relationship issues you swept under the rug a year and a half ago.
  • Meditate.
  • learn and practice grounding.
  • Give yourself (and others) some slack.

What to avoid if you can?

  • Making drastic changes in your appearance 🙂
  • Big ticket items as an impulse buy.
  • Redecorating your home on a whim.
  • Making major commitments.
  • Buying a house.
  • planning a wedding.

Now onto the other thing involved with this transit. The passing of Venus over the Sun.

Venus is conjunct with both the sun and the galactic center on Tuesday, and Venus will pass in front of the sun and we here in Hawaii will definitely be able to see it.

The energy (as it has been explained to me) will be coming from the center of our galaxy (reminds one of the center of the earth where we ground into, doesn’t it?) and flowing through the sun and through Venus right onto us on planet Earth. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in the sign of Gemini right now.

This is a tremendous amount of energy directed at us; it is one of the reasons some people are having such a hard time right now; especially if they don’t have a way to ground off the excess energy. The good thing about “lotsa energy” is that it can be directed, and it can assist in the manifestation of dreams and visions.

I almost didn’t do a Venus retrograde post this year (until people started asking me about what was up), but then I got the internal information tonight (on the inner-net 🙂 ) that it would be awesome to put the meditation I intend to do; up on my blog and it might be a good way to allow many people to use the influx of energy to bring about some positive experiences for our lovely planet.

If you have been feeling powerless about all of this; relax and surrender on the one hand, and get pro-active with the energy on the other. You kind of need both because if you hold onto the reins too tightly nothing moves.

Here is what I am going to be doing. It is a meditation I have done many times before; some of you may have done it with me. I think this week is an excellent time to bring it back into circulation; especially Monday or Tuesday. If you don’t read this by this week, feel free to do it any time.



You can do this in a group or by yourself. If you are in a group I would suggest sitting in a circle and working with the energy inside of the circle.

If you are working “by yourself” (and I put that in quotes because it really just means that we are the only one physically present when we are working; we are never really alone on a spiritual level) my suggestion is to sit in a comfortable chair (like you would when you are meditating in general) imagine that you are joined in a circle by your “spiritual entourage”, meaning your guides, or your ancestors, or the Fairies of the Universe, or whomever you would want to ask you to join in for some energetic enhancement on a planetary level.

Ground and center and possibly create and destroy some roses (if you aren’t familiar with this I have included links)

Get your own energy running and find your own peaceful centered place. Breathe and relax and know that all is well and that you are adding to energy that is already flowing and in motion for the Greater Yet to be.

  • Close your eyes and imagine/create/be aware of  a warm Gold energy. This is an angelic energy, a wonderful neutral cleansing balancing vibration that is associated with the experience of the emergence of our inner Divinity higher self in harmony with physical reality.
  • Let a column of this gold vibration flow from infinity into and through the planet until it reaches the center of the earth; imagine it as a waterfall of bright energy flowing from far above you into the center of the circle you have created and flowing down into the planet.
  • Sit along side of this energy and bask in its warmth and light that radiates outward. Let this energy heal, cleanse, balance you and your life and your circle and the planet. Let it enhance the natural goodness which is already here and eternally present.

Breath and ground and observe the flow of energy with your minds eye, or with your awareness.

  • Let the golden energy flow through the sun and through Venus and through the Earth; allow it to cleanse and balance all the energies as they flow from the galactic center to our lovely little home. Let it assist with the harmonic comfortable balance of spirit and matter.
  • Next allow ribbons of this energy to venture out from the main flow. Let these ribbons of gold energy flow out to anywhere on the planet where they are needed. You don’t have to know what or where, although you can certainly watch where they go if you wish.
  • Notice these ribbons of golden light as they flow to heal any hurts or pain,
  • cleanse any toxins,
  • comfort those that are alone or afraid,
  • flow and encourage people,
  • aid in their alignment with their highest best natures,
  • flow to the oceans and the mountains.
  • You do not have to direct the ribbons, simple know that there is what which knows what to do and how to do it, and allow that to move within the gold energy as is flows to where it is needed.
  • BTW it is completely appropriate to allow one of the ribbons to flow to you. 🙂 There is an unending supply of this loving warm golden light.

Let yourself (if you wish) ask this energy of enlightenment if there is any information that would be useful to you personally for your own unfoldment. Be still and let the information come to you in whatever way you like; images, words, pictures, feelings.

Let this process unfold as it needs to; and at some point you will feel it’s completion.  Let the ribbons join the main flow. breath and release energy down your grounding.

Thank the energy and thank your guidance. Know that you have done a great service to the planet and to your own life. Know that you do make a difference. You rock. 🙂

  • let this energy flow into the earth and release it, so that the column is no longer there. Take time and ground and release excess energy keeping anything you need for yourself and your body.
  • bend forward and release energy from your head and shoulders into the earth; come back up when you are ready. Make some notes if it feels good to do so, so you can remember your experience.

Thank yourself for taking the time to do this. And please also accept my thanks in advance. You are a Divine spark of the All that Is. I honor your light.


Bright Blessings and Aloha,


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Dawn of Unity; Big ol wave of energy & now a Tsunami siren oh my!

Faith and TrustOk so it was my birthday this last weekend, and so I was preparing for the personal shift that always comes around my birthday as I go through my solar return (astrological name term for b-day :)) and had heard some about the shift in energy that would be occurring that was being referred to as the Dawn of Unity Day. I had only recently heard that term specifically but I had been to a talk a few months back and watched a movie by Barbara Marx Hubbard that mentioned the shifting that has been occurring over millennia and continues to this day as a series of quantum shifts in evolution on the planet.

There is also information about this regarding 2012, and making reference of the (Bolon Yokte Ku, the cosmic pyramid) and how it shows the distance in time between these quantum leaps forward; with the latest one starting March 9th and being referred to as the Dawn of Unity Day; showing that they are occurring more and more rapidly and positing that we are in a very accelerated phase in the evolution of consciousness on this planet. Here is some additional information on that

Ok so that is all well and good and since I do the kind of work I do with my clients I have my finger on the pulse of some of these changes and how people respond to them; however I am often not prepared for the big-o-wave of energy that happens whenever something like this shifts!! Seriously…I talk about it here a lot and I am about to do it again; this is one BIG HUGE SHIFT in energy hahaah; have you noticed?

An update as I am writing this blog post, there was an 8.8 earthquake in Japan, one just hit me here on my computer and now a Tsumani warning here on the island; which is amazing considering the rest of the blog post which was happening before I knew this was going on. Ok so onto what I was saying…

Shifts aren’t always bad, they are just change, and people respond to change in various ways. How do you respond? I know that one way that is optional but often really easy to go to is fear. It’s completely understandable, and in it we often want to point at something or someone that can be causing the fear and make them stop thank-you-very-much! Or perhaps we go the other way and want to cling to something in the past that we felt comfortable in or that is known; which is fine but the potential there is that rather than moving forward and expanding this often comfortable thing, we can instead project ourselves backward in the past with that thing/person/event and not do us any good either, and can actually lead to a feeling of depression (to learn more about present time as a healing vibration

But what if the fear is actually an indication of something else; and in paying attention to that and adjusting energetically we can have a better experience of all of these changes?

I am going to use (drum roll please) an analogy (shocking I know because it’s so rare :)). I have used a similar analogy before and it kinda makes sense since I live where I live and I am literally surrounded by water on all sides (perfect for me btw). It came up when I was speaking with someone recently and in the expression of it I realized that it was something I should put out on my blog because these things are happening to all of us.

There are Big things happening all over; in everyone’s life there are things that are “a moving and a shakin’” it’s almost common place now except that it is always new and different. Take the island I am on for an example; and the more than 100 earthquakes we had on Saturday and the stupendous show that Madame Pele’ is putting on with the new vent on the volcano and lava shooting 65 feet into the air, those are BIG things, and hard to miss!

Just remember that these shifts are NOT personal; meaning that the Universe isn’t out to get you. These shifts as a whole, are on purpose, planned for (on some much larger vibratory level that we often have forgotten about) and are part of the birthing process of the “New” (anyone that has given birth or been at a birth can tell you that it’s sometimes kinda messy, but well worth it in the long run). These shifts are not personal they are global at the very least; how we deal with them however is very personal.

Our personal experience of the planet and the changes we are going through can make it feel like we are all alone in this sea of uncertainty. We can in that moment wonder if we did something wrong to cause this or are being punished or are not living up to some kind of ideal and are falling way short. How we frame things really informs our experience. The “frame” is the story we tell ourselves. The story, if we tell it long enough or well enough will start to be our personal mythic journey, so it’s always good to make sure we like the one we are telling. If you have a story that says you aren’t good enough, or are lacking in some needed aspects I would consider changing it ASAP. This is not to say that there aren’t things that you might want to change, get better at, or even stop doing altogether, but it’s the story around all of those things and how you relate to it can totally morph how all that unfolds; and more importantly how it feels as it is happening.

So getting back to my analogy (thought I forgot didn’t you?). I was talking to someone today about being on a raft out on the ocean. You have this raft and maybe it isn’t the ship you’d like it to be or that it may one day be, but it’s a good sized raft and pretty seaworthy. You are dry and happy on your raft floating around on the blue sea…minding your own business and then wham! A huge wave comes out of nowhere and totally splashes you off your raft into the water (how rude). All of a sudden things are not so easy and you are getting all wet and there’s some water in your ears and your hairs all flat against your head (you get the idea). This is an analogy of being in your zone and getting hit “upside the head” with a big ol wave of energy like is happening these days and especially this week, just the power of the shift can land you in the water totally off of your comfortable easy to navigate place on your raft.

This has the potential to be pretty upsetting (ya think??); you could decide to get down on yourself and decide that you are a failure in some way, or possible get kind of scared of the fact that you are now awash in the middle of the ocean. You have another choice; you can remember that you have a tether to your raft (much like a boogie board or surfboard can have a tether so you don’t lose it in the waves) and notice that it isn’t any farther away than your tether, and that if you hang on you can get your head out of the water and then eventually get your butt back up onto your raft.

I know this is an analogy (or reality depending on ones location) but it’s so very close to what is happening to the best and worst of us these days on planet earth. Things are really changing. It’s not your imagination. Remember though… you CAME HERE for this, it’s not personal, when new energy hits then whatever is up for you, is the next level of stuff to clear. Remember that everyone is going through some variation of this because we are all here experiencing these waves. As you do your own work and get back onto your raft (ie find your zone again, get your alignment back, adjust to the change, go through your growth period…there are lots of names for this) you can be of greater help to others. Add to the analogy that there are a bunch of people also in the water and they will be needing to see you and the fact you seem to have this raft for Gods sake!

If you are on your raft you can also remind them that they have flotation devices around their necks and if they just pull the rip cord they will have a mini raft all of their own. This of course speaking to the fact that we all come equipped with what we need even in the midst of great change; but sometimes someone else has to remind us.

Time is happening so quickly these days (faster than we think sometimes). It takes some adjustment. Sometimes things come up and we are totally in fear…wondering how we are going to get from point A to point B in one piece. We forget that we have gone through things like this before and made it through to the other side. Plus if we ask we will always get help, and often it’s miraculous in appearance.

Have you ever noticed how quickly we forget these miracles though? It’s as if as soon as something moves into the physical plane (we get that unexpected check, or the test comes back with really good news…) that we forget that it was a spirit thing first and then became a physical thing not the other way around. It’s like as soon as we get over the elation of being pulled out of “certain death” (which is often what it feels like…no matter how small the problem) we start with our intellectual process about how we can now point at the ways this thing came about; even though minutes before we were praying our butts off asking the Universe for some Divine guidance and or intervention :).

The important question is and continues to be “Who is your Source”? The answer to that question will be asked again and again through these earth changes. Who is your source; is it your job (better hope you keep it) or your clients (better hope they stick around) or your spouse (you know the drill by now on this one)…OR is it the Universal energy of Givingness and Wellbeing and Health and Love and Prosperity coming t-h-r-o-u-g-h those people places and things, showing up AS them?

To the degree that you can remember that everything starts out as energy (literally everything) and that the Source of all of that is what is actually coming to you, then when things gets all “shifty” you can bounce back way faster.

This is one of the reasons that I suggest people have what I call an “answered prayer journal” you can also call it “magick that worked” or “demonstrations of Good” or whatever you want, the name is less important than the thing itself and what’s in it.

In my answered prayer journal I have listed over the years, things that have gone really well; especially things that I had no idea of how they were going to work out and then something happened and I was totally in awe of how the Universe worked it out for me. I don’t put everything down, maybe someday I will be even more disciplined about it, but it doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be really valuable.

When I get into a place where I am feeling afraid or uncertain or any of the other possible less than ideal feeling states that happen when I am freaking the frick out 🙂 I pull out my journal and read it from the beginning. I start to see evidence (my former work as a Research Chemist still in me somewhere… I love supporting data!) of how over and over again even when I could not see how in the world something would be able to come through or get fixed or heal, that it did; and that it worked itself not only out, but worked out splendidly; often better than I could have “planned”.

If you don’t have one, start it the next time something works out really well. Add to it when you asked for help and got it, when you needed that money for that bill and suddenly something came to you out of the blue, when any prayer is answered (however you define prayer). This is a little like a gratitude journal (which I also have) but it is more specific, and it is so awesome to have when something throws you for a loop, something like say a Tsunami warning siren!

Aloha and blessings!