Dawn of Unity; Big ol wave of energy & now a Tsunami siren oh my!

Faith and TrustOk so it was my birthday this last weekend, and so I was preparing for the personal shift that always comes around my birthday as I go through my solar return (astrological name term for b-day :)) and had heard some about the shift in energy that would be occurring that was being referred to as the Dawn of Unity Day. I had only recently heard that term specifically but I had been to a talk a few months back and watched a movie by Barbara Marx Hubbard http://www.barbaramarxhubbard.com/con/ that mentioned the shifting that has been occurring over millennia and continues to this day as a series of quantum shifts in evolution on the planet.

There is also information about this regarding 2012, and making reference of the (Bolon Yokte Ku, the cosmic pyramid) and how it shows the distance in time between these quantum leaps forward; with the latest one starting March 9th and being referred to as the Dawn of Unity Day; showing that they are occurring more and more rapidly and positing that we are in a very accelerated phase in the evolution of consciousness on this planet. Here is some additional information on that http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/dawn_of_the_unity_wave.htm

Ok so that is all well and good and since I do the kind of work I do with my clients I have my finger on the pulse of some of these changes and how people respond to them; however I am often not prepared for the big-o-wave of energy that happens whenever something like this shifts!! Seriously…I talk about it here a lot and I am about to do it again; this is one BIG HUGE SHIFT in energy hahaah; have you noticed?

An update as I am writing this blog post, there was an 8.8 earthquake in Japan, one just hit me here on my computer and now a Tsumani warning here on the island; which is amazing considering the rest of the blog post which was happening before I knew this was going on. Ok so onto what I was saying…

Shifts aren’t always bad, they are just change, and people respond to change in various ways. How do you respond? I know that one way that is optional but often really easy to go to is fear. It’s completely understandable, and in it we often want to point at something or someone that can be causing the fear and make them stop thank-you-very-much! Or perhaps we go the other way and want to cling to something in the past that we felt comfortable in or that is known; which is fine but the potential there is that rather than moving forward and expanding this often comfortable thing, we can instead project ourselves backward in the past with that thing/person/event and not do us any good either, and can actually lead to a feeling of depression (to learn more about present time as a healing vibration https://consciousmetamorphosis.com//blog/2010/06/18/present-time-as-a-healing-vibration-by-erika-ginnis/

But what if the fear is actually an indication of something else; and in paying attention to that and adjusting energetically we can have a better experience of all of these changes?

I am going to use (drum roll please) an analogy (shocking I know because it’s so rare :)). I have used a similar analogy before and it kinda makes sense since I live where I live and I am literally surrounded by water on all sides (perfect for me btw). It came up when I was speaking with someone recently and in the expression of it I realized that it was something I should put out on my blog because these things are happening to all of us.

There are Big things happening all over; in everyone’s life there are things that are “a moving and a shakin’” it’s almost common place now except that it is always new and different. Take the island I am on for an example; and the more than 100 earthquakes we had on Saturday and the stupendous show that Madame Pele’ is putting on with the new vent on the volcano and lava shooting 65 feet into the air, those are BIG things, and hard to miss!

Just remember that these shifts are NOT personal; meaning that the Universe isn’t out to get you. These shifts as a whole, are on purpose, planned for (on some much larger vibratory level that we often have forgotten about) and are part of the birthing process of the “New” (anyone that has given birth or been at a birth can tell you that it’s sometimes kinda messy, but well worth it in the long run). These shifts are not personal they are global at the very least; how we deal with them however is very personal.

Our personal experience of the planet and the changes we are going through can make it feel like we are all alone in this sea of uncertainty. We can in that moment wonder if we did something wrong to cause this or are being punished or are not living up to some kind of ideal and are falling way short. How we frame things really informs our experience. The “frame” is the story we tell ourselves. The story, if we tell it long enough or well enough will start to be our personal mythic journey, so it’s always good to make sure we like the one we are telling. If you have a story that says you aren’t good enough, or are lacking in some needed aspects I would consider changing it ASAP. This is not to say that there aren’t things that you might want to change, get better at, or even stop doing altogether, but it’s the story around all of those things and how you relate to it can totally morph how all that unfolds; and more importantly how it feels as it is happening.

So getting back to my analogy (thought I forgot didn’t you?). I was talking to someone today about being on a raft out on the ocean. You have this raft and maybe it isn’t the ship you’d like it to be or that it may one day be, but it’s a good sized raft and pretty seaworthy. You are dry and happy on your raft floating around on the blue sea…minding your own business and then wham! A huge wave comes out of nowhere and totally splashes you off your raft into the water (how rude). All of a sudden things are not so easy and you are getting all wet and there’s some water in your ears and your hairs all flat against your head (you get the idea). This is an analogy of being in your zone and getting hit “upside the head” with a big ol wave of energy like is happening these days and especially this week, just the power of the shift can land you in the water totally off of your comfortable easy to navigate place on your raft.

This has the potential to be pretty upsetting (ya think??); you could decide to get down on yourself and decide that you are a failure in some way, or possible get kind of scared of the fact that you are now awash in the middle of the ocean. You have another choice; you can remember that you have a tether to your raft (much like a boogie board or surfboard can have a tether so you don’t lose it in the waves) and notice that it isn’t any farther away than your tether, and that if you hang on you can get your head out of the water and then eventually get your butt back up onto your raft.

I know this is an analogy (or reality depending on ones location) but it’s so very close to what is happening to the best and worst of us these days on planet earth. Things are really changing. It’s not your imagination. Remember though… you CAME HERE for this, it’s not personal, when new energy hits then whatever is up for you, is the next level of stuff to clear. Remember that everyone is going through some variation of this because we are all here experiencing these waves. As you do your own work and get back onto your raft (ie find your zone again, get your alignment back, adjust to the change, go through your growth period…there are lots of names for this) you can be of greater help to others. Add to the analogy that there are a bunch of people also in the water and they will be needing to see you and the fact you seem to have this raft for Gods sake!

If you are on your raft you can also remind them that they have flotation devices around their necks and if they just pull the rip cord they will have a mini raft all of their own. This of course speaking to the fact that we all come equipped with what we need even in the midst of great change; but sometimes someone else has to remind us.

Time is happening so quickly these days (faster than we think sometimes). It takes some adjustment. Sometimes things come up and we are totally in fear…wondering how we are going to get from point A to point B in one piece. We forget that we have gone through things like this before and made it through to the other side. Plus if we ask we will always get help, and often it’s miraculous in appearance.

Have you ever noticed how quickly we forget these miracles though? It’s as if as soon as something moves into the physical plane (we get that unexpected check, or the test comes back with really good news…) that we forget that it was a spirit thing first and then became a physical thing not the other way around. It’s like as soon as we get over the elation of being pulled out of “certain death” (which is often what it feels like…no matter how small the problem) we start with our intellectual process about how we can now point at the ways this thing came about; even though minutes before we were praying our butts off asking the Universe for some Divine guidance and or intervention :).

The important question is and continues to be “Who is your Source”? The answer to that question will be asked again and again through these earth changes. Who is your source; is it your job (better hope you keep it) or your clients (better hope they stick around) or your spouse (you know the drill by now on this one)…OR is it the Universal energy of Givingness and Wellbeing and Health and Love and Prosperity coming t-h-r-o-u-g-h those people places and things, showing up AS them?

To the degree that you can remember that everything starts out as energy (literally everything) and that the Source of all of that is what is actually coming to you, then when things gets all “shifty” you can bounce back way faster.

This is one of the reasons that I suggest people have what I call an “answered prayer journal” you can also call it “magick that worked” or “demonstrations of Good” or whatever you want, the name is less important than the thing itself and what’s in it.

In my answered prayer journal I have listed over the years, things that have gone really well; especially things that I had no idea of how they were going to work out and then something happened and I was totally in awe of how the Universe worked it out for me. I don’t put everything down, maybe someday I will be even more disciplined about it, but it doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be really valuable.

When I get into a place where I am feeling afraid or uncertain or any of the other possible less than ideal feeling states that happen when I am freaking the frick out 🙂 I pull out my journal and read it from the beginning. I start to see evidence (my former work as a Research Chemist still in me somewhere… I love supporting data!) of how over and over again even when I could not see how in the world something would be able to come through or get fixed or heal, that it did; and that it worked itself not only out, but worked out splendidly; often better than I could have “planned”.

If you don’t have one, start it the next time something works out really well. Add to it when you asked for help and got it, when you needed that money for that bill and suddenly something came to you out of the blue, when any prayer is answered (however you define prayer). This is a little like a gratitude journal (which I also have) but it is more specific, and it is so awesome to have when something throws you for a loop, something like say a Tsunami warning siren!

Aloha and blessings!