Thank you blog readers! I am blessed by having you in my life.

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Aloha Beautiful Being,





I just wanted to send out a simple hello and thank you. It’s gratitude month and while there aren’t any specific changes in the “wheel of the year” that I use to base my regular newsletters on; I couldn’t let this month go by without sending out a mini-newsletter to tell each and every one of you, to say how grateful I am for you.

You are the life blood of my business. You bring light and brilliance to it.

Thank you for joining me on this amazing ride, and supporting me this last year. Thank you for your business, for your interest, for your comments and stories, for the wealth of your experience. Thank you for trusting me with your questions and sharing your answers.

Thank you for signing up for my newsletter; reading my blog, reading my Facebook page or checking out my websites. Thank you for giving me a place to be of use.

Always remember to appreciate you unique point of view, your own individualized perspective of the Universal consciousness. You are valuable, you are worthwhile, you are needed and you are perfectly placed in the pattern of All things.

As I have heard people say… “Trust the Process”, and “don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle”. Remember YOU are the miracle, you exist right here and right now. How awesome is that???!!

purple trumpet flower photo credit Erika Ginnis

We are going through extraordinary times. I believe we all waited in line for this particular “E ticket” ride; and that we are absolutely intentional in being right where we are in this time and place. I know that there are days for all of us, where we might be tempted to question what the heck we were thinking, so for those days and for those of you who find yourselves there at any time this month…look around yourself and find something that you did right today; find something that you appreciate today; find something that you can dream into being that doesn’t exist today.

Beautiful Saturn

You are ALL amazing, powerful, healing and giving beings. You not only make a difference in my life, and the lives of your loved ones; but I know you make a positive difference in more ways that you may ever know in this lifetime. Your Good is energy that ripples out in all directions; eternally blessing everything in its path. Never understimate the power of being the Good that you are…

You are a light!

Mercury is going stationery direct November 26th:

  • This is a good time to finish up those last minute editing projects.
  • Take time to rebuild things that have been changed during this retrograde period.
  • Take time to journal and record your dreams. Lots of information is coming through the astral planes these days. Let yourself make notes before you are totally awake, and then read them later to fill in the blanks.
  • Use this time to clear away the density of older energies you have been carrying, so that you can be clearer and lighter for the coming 12-12-12, and 12-21-12 energetic openings.

By next month I will have some information about MP3 downloads of some of the guided meditations I have been working on.
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I wanted to let you know I am going to extended my reading special through the end of the year to say thank you for another great year together.Mahalo Nui LoaAloha and many many blessings,

Love letter to my past; what to do with my mother’s house…



It’s my mother’s house (even though she gave it to me years ago and in truth we are both on the title). That is the issue, that is the question, that is the thing that sits at the back of my mind and pokes at me from time to time…what to do with my mother’s house?



I moved out of it more than two and ½ years ago, my mother two years or more before that. I have been saying I was going to sell it and I have had every intention to do so…except that… I haven’t. I haven’t sold it. I haven’t even listed it.

She looks at it rationally

Now part of that is because the housing market has totally tanked and it’s worth half of what it was 5 years ago. If the market was where it was back then, I am not sure I would even be having this constant internal dialog with myself about this house. Yet at the same time I am not 100% certain; and I believe that is the crux of all of this. If I talk to anyone else it seems a simple thing and as soon as I walk away I find myself unable or unwilling or distracted and the house continues not to sell (not being on the market and all). It also has fallen in value over and over again, making any of this far less appealing.


Let’s add to this that I am renting the house to someone. I had fully intended on selling it the summer after I moved out and bought the home I am currently living in 3000 miles away. This came on the heels of renting to someone my then partner swore by and who never actually paid me rent and left the house sad and unkempt. I was “done with renters” and I wanted to sell. But then what actually happened was that the woman who was helping clean out the house really wanted to rent it for her and her son, and since I didn’t have to do anything to rent it other than say yes and accept some rent which I needed badly, the house never made it on the market.




There are pros and cons to renting to a friend/acquaintance. One of which is that the person who used to be glad to see you or hear from you will stop answering calls and emails and basically cease to exist other than sending rent each month. This has been problematic both emotionally and logistically.


There had been talk twice in as many years about this person buying the house, and yet nothing has come of it. Now as I look at it, it almost doesn’t make sense to sell the home because I would be losing money given the market. This of course brings me to the next item of issue…property taxes. Ah yes these are the things that when you are really broke, fall by the way side and become overdue then delinquent and thus adding hundreds of dollars to the already unpaid bill.


This is what is staring me in the face currently; that and the fact I have been told by my tax person that if I wait until after this year to sell I will be paying a lot of taxes on anything I get for the house even if it goes lower than it’s current value…so as I write this perhaps I should list it and just see what happens. Provided the renter will even show up to show the house (part of the problem when the person really doesn’t want you to sell it).

This however is actually not about my head…oh no dear readers; this is all about my heart

This comes down to what I started writing about; the house itself.

If I had a lot of money (this is the sentence that I use to find out how I really feel about something separate from my issues around the money involved) would I sell this house?

If money wasn’t an issue would I sell this house?


This is the house I spent time in toddling around with my parents and grandparents. The house with the 80 year old wisteria, honeysuckle and camellia tree; the house with the garage that my grandfather built; the house with a history that always started with “this house began as a chicken coop when this whole area was a large farm and the farm house was that house way over there on the corner” to which there would be a pointing finger attached and I would dutifully follow the finger down the block to the largish home that housed one of my childhood schoolmates.

This is the house that has a well on the property that no longer is used or accessible but I always remembered it and thought that if the world fell apart at least I would be able to find water…This well had been filled in by my grandfather long before I was born. He used many things to accomplish this feat; including dumping a claw foot bathtub down the shaft; at least this is the mythology that I was taught at an early age when hearing the history of the house.


This is the house that I moved to when I was 14 after my grandfather passed away. The house that held me through all my psychedelic wanderings and coming out on many levels; saw me through High School and learning to drive and reading about UFO’s, reading countless Sci-Fi novels, listening to David Bowie and hitchhiking to Seattle on the Friday nights. This is where I wrote my college essay to get into the vegetarian co-op that was housing for the alternative school that I eventually was accepted into and moved out of the house in order to attend.


This was the house that I would come home to visit on breaks and the occasional weekend; the one that I would visit my mother in after my father passed away, the one that I came more often down to, to visit her as she became farther away mentally and that I had to eventually move her out of when the dementia became too difficult.


This is the house that I moved back into in order to be closer to her and in order to make ends meet financially and as a result became very depressed about being back in Tacoma.

And yet even moved through that over time and found a new place and contentment with being in my old home town which had grown up even more than I had. I came to love Tacoma for the first time. I lived here with my partner and actually had some really nice times together in that house, planned our move to Hawaii, planned and had our wedding while living in that house. Watched fences get built and plants planted and renovations planned.

This is the house where I created so many dreams. Some which came true and some which sadly did not; such as the dream of the marriage that had barely more than a few breaths into life before it started to pass away into something else.


This house represented family and history and possibility; it also represented my adolescence and the baggage and old pain of things perhaps better left in the past. It has also come to be connected in my heart with my mother; who still lives in the same city at a lovely care facility that is thankfully more like a 4 star hotel; and which is only a 10 minute drive, but light-years away from the life once lived in this house.


It’s no wonder that I avoid these issues. There are so many layers here; one on the next and on the next and on the next. In my fantasies I keep the house and rebuild it, add an apartment above the garage where I come to stay when I am in town. I move my soon to be ex-husband into the home for some kind of more than fair rent and we have b-b-ques when I am in town, he with his partner(s) and I with mine (who ever those people are to be) and in my dreams it feels good and connected and family like…maybe I eventually sell it and maybe I don’t.


I ask myself am I just keeping some kind of connection to the mainland; one that I don’t even know why I have since I rarely ever want to leave the island on which I now live? Do I envision that some day I will want to have the kind of jet set life where I would like to have an apartment 30 miles outside of a huge metropolitan city?


Perhaps it’s not about that at all but just the idea of a feeling that I have had about this little piece of land. A little piece of my history; a tree we planted for my mother; an idea of what is still yet to be; connections to many people I love through an address I have to fly for 6 hours just to visit.


And of course where the money comes from in this fantasy I am at a loss to know, but that is the same question as where the money is to come from for the taxes. And yes of course being me I have to say that ultimately it all comes from the Universe; and while that is absolutely true and reveals itself even in the writing of all this; I also know this post is about something small I hold in my hands, something personal and delicate like a empty tiny blue egg shell that has been left in the grass, in the spring, under a tree; someone’s former home.



Do I have to make these decisions now? Well not today it’s a holiday weekend, but it feels like soon. Perhaps I am just not willing to let this go until my mother has passed from this world; perhaps I am not yet ready to let go of all of this history; but then again maybe I am. We’ll just have to see.

Aloha and Blessings,



Perspective and some Good news ~ Erika Ginnis

Some Good news!!

You know I generally use this blog to express my ideas and maybe some techniques, and I don’t use it as much just to share. However I was messing around on my iPhone tonight and I was totally touched by two different things, one an article and one a video. So of course I had to create a post.  🙂

I know these are all around Facebook and such, and so you may have seen them and that’s all good. But for me they both (for different reasons) really opened my heart and brought tears to my eyes; plus I am all GO Australia…since they are both from Australia.

Here are two examples of teachers to us all, that I want to share; they show up in this way one on purpose, one not, but both due to sheer force of Love.

This first one is a link to an article that talks about a mother who by love and contact and energy (and in my opinion talking to the actual being who is her son) brought him into this life alive; even after the doctors told her he was born dead. This is an incredible thing on so many levels. And it points to me the idea of miracles being “awesome normalities”;  as one of my former teachers would say. It also points out the importance of touch and our organic connection with each other and how profound that truly is…

Here’s the link, complete with pics then and now…

Miracle mum brings premature baby son back to life with two hours of loving cuddles after doctors pronounce him dead

We are living in the age of miracles and how often do we miss them because we are pointed in the opposite direction. I am sharing this because here is someone who, in the face of the worse information a mother would ever want to hear, still moves forward. Rather than crumbling into despair as would be her right; she turns her attention EVEN IN THE FACE OF DEATH, to what she does want. Talks to her son as if he is alive; tells him his name; tells him about his sister…holds him and loves him.

This is pure grace and total Source shinning love. And see what happens!! How much can we use this energy; this complete disregard of the frightening “facts” before us; not fighting them, but simply loving anyway! How can we bring this same principle into our own lives even when the circumstances are not so dire?

This second one is a video, and actually I guess it is a promotional video for a DVD or CD from this person; and while I am not sharing this to promote him specifically, I thought that the message that he shared during this 2 minute or so video was priceless.

I sat there and just cried while watching it…not because I was sad; but because I was so inspired and impressed and happy to see this teacher and what he was teaching his students. The light that he shines is palatable.

Source/God/The Universe shows up in so many ways; in, as, and through all of us; and to see someone who I would normally have preconceived notions about based on his physicality, shine so brightly as himself, as God; this is a gift. This man in this video is so thoroughly in his spiritual center that it shouts out with every fiber of his being.

These are examples (in my opinion) of Conscious Metamorphosis. And I share them here so we can remember that we can each do this; we don’t have to wait for a crisis, or a lifetime with specific things to overcome in order to do it.

Bless bless bless those who have come to us through these kinds of things; and let’s use their example as ways to keep perspective and grace though all of the things life brings to us and around us.


Hope you enjoy them, I thought they were very cool!

Blessings and Aloha ~Erika


Father’s Day

I wanted to share from something I wrote a few years ago. It is from my walking journal that I kept when I was living in Tacoma Washington.

I had just returned from Hawaii once more. This was a year and a half before I moved. I was keeping my dream alive just with my energy. I had no idea of how I was going to get where I wanted to go; looking back it is still amazing to me (I’ll write about that story another time). My answer to not knowing was to walk and take in everything around me and appreciate it so that I would not be leaving something but moving into the next place I wanted to appreciate.

There were at least three interesting parts to this specific walk, since it is Father’s Day today I will share the part that eventually touches on that. My father made his transition back in 1988 but reading these things brings the feeling of him to me again.

It was a day of being in the midst of milestones.

The tide was out; farther than it has been so far on my walks. I wondered where the water goes when it goes away. I felt the water was farther away than I wanted it to be; I walked nearer to the edge to get it closer to my senses.

I saw the pilings that are normally hidden and the places under the buildings which are built over the water, that don’t all meet the ground. I wondered about how long they will all stand there.

Since the water was out I saw a stream flowing into the bay that is also normally hidden and I also was able to see the Canadian geese who were gathering at that meeting point of fresh and salt water.

-Hawaiian chants in the headphones giving me chills, as I felt my own movement toward fulfilling a dream; and the feeling of looking at it as an expansion not a leaving behind.

-Feeling the air in its shift into fall. Smelling the August leaves and the blackberries within them. Knowing I would come back here if only just for that smell and feeling.

a family at the park, the father helping his young daughter learn to ride a bike without training wheels, watching him show her and then holding the seat as she rode. It felt like the last moment before she would be riding on her own; that sweet poignant time.

Sensing her frustration I wanted to help to somehow tell her that she would be riding soon; and I was reminded of my own father helping me and how it felt at that moment when I had started to ride on my own, without even knowing it. And then that moment when I realized I was doing it all myself.

That moment that changed everything.

I found myself thinking of my dad and loving him and remembering again, that right where I was walking; that manicured strip by the bay; was once just a long patch of gravel along side the water. It was where he taught me to drive a clutch. I got another new sense of the things he taught me in my life. It brought tears to my eyes in a good way.

And then seeing the girl on the way back by. I could see that in the time it took me to take my walk she had already gotten stronger on her bike and that her dad only had to hold on from the back of the seat. I sent the girl some good balance and grounding energy and imagined that she thanked me (all non-verbal) and I knew she was so close.

Now as I write this I had yet another perspective, this time from the Dad’s point of view. Seeing that moment from the other side where there is the caring and love in the instruction and then the joy in the success and then also that moment where the success marks a rite of passage and so some moment of transition from one state to another. The act of letting go of that bike the sweetness and the tinge of sadness in it because of the inevitability of the child moving forward and into a new future of their very own.

It had never occurred to me that this might have also been the perspective of my father in any of the things he was teaching me. It was (as is right) just my job to want to move forward. His was to hold the seat and know when to let go.

Aloha and Blessings,