Perspective and some Good news ~ Erika Ginnis

Some Good news!!

You know I generally use this blog to express my ideas and maybe some techniques, and I don’t use it as much just to share. However I was messing around on my iPhone tonight and I was totally touched by two different things, one an article and one a video. So of course I had to create a post.  🙂

I know these are all around Facebook and such, and so you may have seen them and that’s all good. But for me they both (for different reasons) really opened my heart and brought tears to my eyes; plus I am all GO Australia…since they are both from Australia.

Here are two examples of teachers to us all, that I want to share; they show up in this way one on purpose, one not, but both due to sheer force of Love.

This first one is a link to an article that talks about a mother who by love and contact and energy (and in my opinion talking to the actual being who is her son) brought him into this life alive; even after the doctors told her he was born dead. This is an incredible thing on so many levels. And it points to me the idea of miracles being “awesome normalities”;  as one of my former teachers would say. It also points out the importance of touch and our organic connection with each other and how profound that truly is…

Here’s the link, complete with pics then and now…

Miracle mum brings premature baby son back to life with two hours of loving cuddles after doctors pronounce him dead

We are living in the age of miracles and how often do we miss them because we are pointed in the opposite direction. I am sharing this because here is someone who, in the face of the worse information a mother would ever want to hear, still moves forward. Rather than crumbling into despair as would be her right; she turns her attention EVEN IN THE FACE OF DEATH, to what she does want. Talks to her son as if he is alive; tells him his name; tells him about his sister…holds him and loves him.

This is pure grace and total Source shinning love. And see what happens!! How much can we use this energy; this complete disregard of the frightening “facts” before us; not fighting them, but simply loving anyway! How can we bring this same principle into our own lives even when the circumstances are not so dire?

This second one is a video, and actually I guess it is a promotional video for a DVD or CD from this person; and while I am not sharing this to promote him specifically, I thought that the message that he shared during this 2 minute or so video was priceless.

I sat there and just cried while watching it…not because I was sad; but because I was so inspired and impressed and happy to see this teacher and what he was teaching his students. The light that he shines is palatable.

Source/God/The Universe shows up in so many ways; in, as, and through all of us; and to see someone who I would normally have preconceived notions about based on his physicality, shine so brightly as himself, as God; this is a gift. This man in this video is so thoroughly in his spiritual center that it shouts out with every fiber of his being.

These are examples (in my opinion) of Conscious Metamorphosis. And I share them here so we can remember that we can each do this; we don’t have to wait for a crisis, or a lifetime with specific things to overcome in order to do it.

Bless bless bless those who have come to us through these kinds of things; and let’s use their example as ways to keep perspective and grace though all of the things life brings to us and around us.


Hope you enjoy them, I thought they were very cool!

Blessings and Aloha ~Erika