There’s a part of my heart that never aged.

Kept apart from the rest of my life, observing events, but not touched.

In amber…glowing golden, kept with other treasures, and memories.

Forgotten like so many things, that will reemerge at some predestined time when all is added back to us once more.

There’s a part of my heart that is still young, that is fresh and new and in awe.

(I had felt I had lost so much of it when Bowie passed, and now I see that there may be more than I knew.)

In me it blooms. Today I am reminded it was never lost.

No matter what the mirror reflects. I know now that I am not so old as I thought, and will never truly be, no one is…

I know now why the old men sit and reminisce, playing games in the park. 

I am reminded and renewed by reconnections and memories, coming to it from another place, with more understanding, the kind that only comes with age. 

Blessed am I, by my past. By the tender group of souls I came here with, some of them have moved on, and some of them, gratefully, are traveling with me still.

-Erika Katherine Ginnis

 from my yard 

Between one breath and the next.











Just for a moment
Your heart brings tears to your eyes

Just for a moment
Everything comes together to a point.

As realities converge
You see them
Like pointed pieces of a puzzle,
Transparent arrowheads
Tips all touching, the trailing edges branching out infinitely

And you remember the illusion
Just for a moment you remember.
You can see past it,
behind it,
through it

And you remember
That time and space are not constants
Nothing is static
And everything is possible.

Erika Ginnis





To the light returning.


On their way to Hades
They all think, I’ll be fine
I’ll remember who I am

They don’t realize or remember
How cold it can be, how isolated

And so one by one they return to the sky

They give in to the light once more
All their fuel consumed in a final burst
To break orbit from the gravity of flesh

So brightly burn the falling stars

Streaking across heaven
With that last brief moment of illumination

Moving the Universe forward, just a little

On their way to Hades
They all think, I will help
And one by one, early or late
They do.

-Erika Ginnis

In memory of Phillip Seymour Hoffman 1967-2014

Out of the darkness into the light of new life.



Source: via Erika on Pinterest











Heading to Imbolc

I am fresh and sweet and ripe
I am grapes and peaches

my skin is stretched tight
cool to the touch and wet with rain

I am crisp and filled with juice and pulp and seeds

I am the abundance of nature

Oh yes and this, this is
cause for celebration.


Erika Ginnis




Hopeful Rain (1:11am 6-13-10) Erika Ginnis

Hopeful Rain
Soaks into the ground
Coaxing the grass to grow even longer

Makes the air cool
Easier to breath
Lets my hair have the option
Of being worn down, across my shoulders

The drops remind me;
Of roofs, and covers
And sweet dreams being wished

Of a walk back from a five and dime store
Splashing in puddles, holding a stuffed Harlequin doll with red diamonded legs
and painted eyes

Of butterscotch pudding (for later)
My mothers shiny coat and the
Low gray sky

The sound of car tires on pavement
A spray of mist as they pass

Soaked and tired
But now only two blocks from home
So it was O.K. to feel the cold…

I’ve exchanged gray for blue
So far away from that street now
Both in time and distance

But the rain brings it back
Watching the movement like silver lines
Against the tropical trees
Hearing the songs of birds and frogs

Being still in this moment
Letting it soak into me
Even as I remain dry and covered
In my garage, door wide open, watching my world;
past, present and future, in layers
Stacked on my wet driveway

And then tonight
So soothing this sound
That has been traveling with me all my life

Hopeful rain
Washes my heart, becomes the groundwater
For tides and tears
The wellspring of new life

~Erika Ginnis