Between one breath and the next.











Just for a moment
Your heart brings tears to your eyes

Just for a moment
Everything comes together to a point.

As realities converge
You see them
Like pointed pieces of a puzzle,
Transparent arrowheads
Tips all touching, the trailing edges branching out infinitely

And you remember the illusion
Just for a moment you remember.
You can see past it,
behind it,
through it

And you remember
That time and space are not constants
Nothing is static
And everything is possible.

Erika Ginnis





4 thoughts on “Between one breath and the next.

  1. Your poem is inspiring. Such a lovely way to begin every day reflecting on what is important and what is possible. With the craziness of the world it’s good to read your poem and come back to center.

      1. I happened, most fortuitously upon your website yesterday. It was exactly what I was looking for.
        Mahalo for that. It’s no surprise you live in Hawaii.

        Malama Pono.

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