4-7-10 poem

4-7-10  ( poem)

What is a circle?

A line drawn in the mind
on the heart
a hope
a prayer
a promise

The shortest distance between two points, could be the circle that joined them

Only a metaphor really, only containing the meaning it was given.
Where none is given, none exists, the existential circle then, holding the open empty space flowing through it.

A symbol, wholeness, continuity, the ends connecting to create ongoing movement

in metal then…a circuit

of electrons,
through wires,
through veins,
through nerves.

Electrons, little bits of energy in movement carrying messages, pixels, colors, sounds, emotion.. always moving until met with friction, resistance, a barrier.

but what then of the probability clouds? where possibility exists in all forms spread out across what might look like distance (if you are small enough) or like nothing at all (if you are large enough)..

What about that, the unending potential, the untried avenues, all in existence, yet not in manifestation, waiting for attention to collapse it into form
into a specific point,
measurable, discrete, defined.

Can that circle exist in the cloud…nothing solid enough to hold it, so it falls through seeming emptiness

Maybe only in theory, in the minds eye still whole, but really only there.

What is a circle?

A line drawn in the mind
on the heart

melt down the metal, make it useful, transformation, metamorphosis, stretch it thin to make the wire, let it run under the ocean, see what light can find it there, see what shape it becomes.

-Erika Ginnis

3 thoughts on “4-7-10 poem

  1. Where do the dreams once dreamed and no longer possible go? They were so real – maybe they played out on another dimension. A dimension where different decisions were made, and different choices were chosen … I like to think this is true.

    1. Absolutely, I think that on some level all the potential choices not taken exist. In fact I remember hearing someone talk about that we are all each other having made different choices.



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