Chakras: The Wealth Within Us – Esoteric Library

Esoteric Library – Chakras: The Wealth Within Us. I recently posted an article to the Esoteric Library. This article includes a guided tour of your chakra system; simple and useful information about each one of the 7 main chakras (plus hands and feet), with guidance on how to go deeper into the wealth and wisdom of your own energy system.

I meant to post this link a while ago, but then I edited the article online and wanted to wait for it to go live. In the meantime I totally forgot to take this post from draft form to post form!! LOL ~better late than never they say!

Gotta love Mercury. In fact my blog keeps disappearing, well hopefully not to anyone reading it out there (whoever you are) but from my computer. I will try to view it and sometimes my browser finds it and sometimes not. This has only been happening over the last couple of weeks…well… since the whole “planet that shall remain nameless” went retrograde. 🙂

Aloha all


ps I will be uploading some additional videos over the next week or two so stay tuned.