The difference between my cat and plants.

These thoughts occurred to me at different times, and I put them together for a talk I gave last November.

The difference between my cat and plants.

This morning, thoughts about the cats: that every morning they are so cute and very concerned (esp Simba) about the food; like I am not going to feed them breakfast even though I am right there with the food and am putting it into the bowls; and that I or my partner or someone has done this every morning for years for them; and that regardless it is still like they don’t necessarily believe it’s going to happen this time.

I was laughing at them, and then I had to laugh at myself. I thought… how exactly like that am I, with Spirit. It doesn’t matter how many 100’s of times Spirit/The Universe has taken care of me and given me what I needed/asked for; I am still running around afraid that it will have forgotten me this time. I am just like Simba looking for the cat food thinking that somehow this morning it might not be there OMG.

Now on to plants (first some background)

As I read this I see that at the end of it I was just going out to look at houses with a Realtor. So that means that it was written more than 3 and ½ years ago, meaning at least 2 and 1/2 years before I bought the house I am now living in, in Hawaii. The Universe totally had my back and was already putting up the “trellis” that I would eventually grow toward on this Island. This is so good for me to remember…

Wed july 19th 2006 (Seattle WA)

I did put in some more flowers into my yard, and my Clematis has made it around the side of garage and onto the trellis I have had waiting for it (small pleasures). I even had a moment yesterday (here I go waxing philosophical) where I had this thought about the Universe…how when I set out to train the Clematis to come around the corner to the trellis, I set up some stuff for it to climb on. As it got around the corner one of the things I did (yesterday in fact) was decide to create additional structures (out of twine and nails) for it to climb on, as I could see that it would be really good for the plant if I did that…

OK so I move faster than the Clematis and I know where it is generally heading and where I want it to grow, plus I want it to flourish, so hence the extra trellis…

Now here’s the deal… I got this momentary sense of the Universe, in that “Ohhhh I see, here is another life analogy” kind of way.

If I were the Clematis and I had looked anytime before yesterday I wouldn’t have seen how I was going to make it to the metal trellis since there was this big gap between me and it.

I could have decided I would never make it, I could have worried, I might have questioned my growth, I could have seen the definite LACK of trellis or string…Luckily the Clematis is just growing and figuring it will climb on whatever it can and doesn’t stress (to my knowledge) the lack of visible support for it’s growth.

Which as it turns out is smart because what was actually true is that there was no trellis there until the plant had grown far enough to need it.

Me as the “quick” moving human could sting up the additional trellis in moments and have more than enough time for the plant to grow into it. Now the string is all set up and waiting for little leaves and branches to twine around them.

Anyway I had this moment of seeing me stringing the framework as analogous to the Universe creating the structure that I want to rest on and grow onto as I need it, and that looking ahead and not seeing a visible means of support for where I want to go, doesn’t mean a thing.

Ah to have the faith of the plants.