Still awash in choices

I know that choices are good, and I am glad for them and yet I am finding hours flying by as I pull in the different widgets and bells and whistles to my blog. I am going to just love myself through this process and know that there will be a time in the near future when this set up process is down to a low roar and I perhaps I will post about the things that I am even more interested in, things like Spirit and energy and the information that is showering down onto this lovely planet.

It is absolutely by choice that I started this blog yesterday on the equinox, the first day of the astrological year.

I know that this is all Good, and that setting things up in order to play explore and share, is just another analogy for life.  I wonder how “long” it took me to decide to be in this particular body this time? I have this internal movie playing in this very moment, where I see myself pouring through all those options as I “set-up” this particular life…So did I use a theme for my body I wonder? Or did I build it from scratch from the code up?

Another blessing is that I haven’t put the word out about this to anyone yet,  so I am most likely just writing to myself at this point. In all of this I am finding myself really really happy 🙂 this is SO MUCH FUN.


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  1. I am just testing out the comments… I believe I have it set up now so you don’t have to be a member of WordPress in order to comment on the blog. I am just curious how this works on my end so we will see 🙂


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