Hello world!

Wooo Whoooo!! Finally in the land of blog!

This represents a series of many deliberate choices, which for this Pisces girl, can be painstaking. I am sometimes amazed at the things which are automatic for me and the things which I spend a lot of time pondering. This may not make a lot of sense now, but once I am into my writing it will be clearer (I hope) I am just laughing at how long it seemed to take to decide on which version of WordPress (.com or .org) to use, and then to create another domain for it or use one connected to one of my web sites…but I am getting ahead of myself.

There is a lot to say but nothing but time in which to say it,  so that will come later. For now I am going to explore what my options are add some things, mess with color… you know,  the fun part!!