Awaiting Transit. A soundscape, for your latest exploration.

If you haven’t heard this one yet, I wanted to share it with you today; recorded in the jungles of Puna Hawaii, and in Garageband iOS 13

I was originally going to call this Patiently Awaiting Transit, and then I realized that using the word patient was a stretch (haha), so it just became Awaiting Transit. It’s a soundscape, it feels like where I stand at times; in the place between the jungle and the cosmos, looking to the stars and imagining being in transit to something new…

There is also something in this piece that speaks to me of ships passing in the stellar shipping lanes, their colors changing through the spectrum as they move by.

More music to come in the future; I am releasing these as I finish them, up on Bandcamp. My mediations are also on Bandcamp, in case you don’t have them. Please follow me on that site if you are curious about what I am creating, there is a link in the sidebar.

I wish you peace and ease on your own journey to new places and experiences, may they be an opening to an even greater Good.

Aloha and Blessings,