Exact square Uranus and Pluto, September 2012 astrology.

Butterfly effect - Erika GinnisAt the end of this post you will find links to four 15 minute Youtube videos from Rick Levine (a fabulous astrologer) that gets recorded monthly back in my old home town area in the PNW. There is so much going on this month OMG!!

I am going to give a synopsis of the some aspects of the upcoming astrology he talks about for those of you who can’t watch the videos right now; but still want some insight. Please do check the videos out, these guys (normally they present together “Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer” but this month it is just Rick Levine) are two of my favorite astrologers and do such a great service by posting the hour long monthly astrology each month. I LOVE them.

September 2012

We are feeling the effects of the powerful Pluto/Uranus square. Uranus planet of revolution, shock, upheaval, lightning, electricity, squares Pluto; planet of transformation, metamorphosis, evolution, and intensity. This will occur 7 times up through 2015, and this month we have one of the exact aspects. This month is the second exact square on September 18th.

The outer planets (of which Pluto and Uranus are two) set up global social economic issues.

The square is the angle of maximum stress which then can bring forth maximum creativity to resolve that stress. These aspects with these specific planets create the framework for social transformation and social revolution.

Macrocosm of the lay of the land Pluto (in Capricorn) and Uranus (in Aries) square.  

The conjunction of these two planets which for us happened in the mid 1960’s created the beginning/seed/issues genesis.  When these planets were conjunct, issues of social change came to the front; as well as inventions such as the business computer (IBM) occurred.

We are experiencing the square which reactivates this energy and is the movement out and into the next level, making choices about what we are doing in regards to these social revolutionary changes.

Another time these configurations took place was in the mid 1450’s and the early 1490’s. Gutenberg creating the printing press in 1455 (when these planets were conjunct) and we now know how that changed the face of history. During the following square (early 1490’s) we entered what is now known as the “age of exploration”.

At the beginning of the month we are in the process of finishing up with the Virgo energy that we have been experiencing.

Virgo=intense focus (believe me when I say this is totally true…having had a number of Virgo partners in my day!!)

During this time of year in the northern hemisphere; nature starts to draw energy back from the outgoing-ness of spring, inward to the internal time that starts in the fall.
Virgo is a part of that process, Virgo observes and has intense focus, storing information in condensed little packets of energy; much in the same way that Nature, during the fall, stores great amounts of condensed information in the form of seeds.

Virgo brings information, by laser beam focus, into small specific packets.

With both the Sun and and Mercury both currently in Virgo our intellect is very focused. It’s not just information for the sake of information, but about useful information. Mercury and Virgo have a natural connection, and so we narrow our thinking, but through all that we risk missing the big picture. Therefore  it’s important to not get caught entirely in the minutia, but to keep your larger vision engaged.

Mercury moves from Virgo into Libra on the 17th, and then the Sun goes into Libra on Sept 22nd

Sept 6th planet Venus moves from Cancer to Leo (this has already happened during the time of this post) Venus is what we like, are attracted to… Venus in Cancer; security, retreating, quiet, nesting, home. When it goes into Leo, the show begins..what we like (i.e. Venus) changes; we like the show, the dramatic and presentation, it’s very outgoing.

There is a Mercury and Jupiter square on September 8th…followed by square on the 7th and 8th with both Mercury and the Sun square Jupiter. Jupiter=expansive, bigger better more. We begin to get a bit fried, hard to focus dual band, lots of info coming, what is valuable what to use?? That is the question.

Right now every time the moon hits a cardinal sign (i.e. season starting sign) every seven days, it re-rattles the energy.

Therefore the following week Moon in Cancer forms a hard aspect to both Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in cardinal Capricorn)

New Moon Sept 15th. New moon in Virgo, Mercury joins at the end, very much a turning point, because of the Virgo framework, after that, both the moon and Mercury shifts into Libra. This brings big changes; they both oppose Uranus, and square Pluto right after that exact hits (within a couple days of that exact square on Sept. 18th).

The Autumnal equinox is September 22nd, which this year has even more energy and importance due to all this shifting in relation to the square.

Quincunx between Jupiter and Mars.

Another thing during this month is a quincunx between Jupiter and Mars (quincunx means 5 12ths) 150 degrees of a circle. They are like oil and water, they are an irritating aspect; they can’t even see each other; can’t make it go away but can’t bring it into focus, like the mosquito in the tent.

So Mars is about action then “just do it” planet in quincunx with Jupiter the “more, yeah, great” planet. In this configuration “enough may be way too much”, since when this transit happens it’s hard to know how much energy to apply to a situation.

Jupiter says “yeah! more” regardless if it may not be the best thing to do; so some amount of restraint for our unbridled enthusiasm during this time may be a good thought; since it may be hard to know if it is a personal ego idea or Divine inspiration.

Mercury moves into Libra on the 16th. Moon opposes Uranus and becomes involved in the Pluto square. Mercury into Libra = big square 18-20th; big time exact on the 20th, the Uranus-Pluto exact on the 18th, between now and then big global stuff heats up, peaks on some level, amount of media big stuff is cooking. On a personal level we must show up and allow communication to engage the process.

Pluto is the God of the underworld/hell realms which originally is not about punishment but wealth (like all the jewels found deep in the earth),
Pluto then relates to the “wealth of all the symbolic treasures in our subconscious mind”.

We may surprised by some world events that brings things into the open, that we don’t expect.

Sept 22nd sun moves into Libra and does that same thing with the Pluto Uranus square, by the 29th of September the Sun is right in that whole square, with the full moon; whee haw full moon in Aries conjunct Uranus (Uranus releases tension even when you don’t know it’s there) as the full moon is into phase.

The Uranus-Pluto square is transversatile; they are symbolic metaphysical, outer planets, but when the outerplanet configuration and the personal planets are involved (which they are all month) it changes things.

personal planets meaning-

Sun=who I am
Moon=how I feel
Mercury=how I think
Venus=what I like
Mars=what I do

It channels the energy down to the personal level and we really feel and engage in it.

This time it hangs out much longer, and then all the personal planets start coming into
large scale events start to have personal meaning,

The full Moon (which is always an opposition and therefore has relationship dynamics i.e. self and everything else) moon in Aries=I, me, self; saying “just do it”; but the Sun is opposed in relationship oriented Libra (diplomacy/harmony when self and other creates common ground) lots of shifts on that whole relationship level.

The dynamics are really strong this month.

The idea being that things are not working on many levels and it’s true for whoever you are; however what is working is the energy that is coming out of this whole transformational process; how we show up individually, how we are each willing to confront the uncertainty.

The unknown of the Plutonic transformation, into the depths, into the dark and we are not in control.

When Pluto’s involved it’s like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly; in the middle of the process the caterpillar actually dissolves…there is no caterpillar and no butterfly; but it doesn’t stop there, nature continues and the process completes. Trusting the process allows evolution to continue into the entirely new form of the butterfly.

We have egos though (unlike the caterpillar) when we can’t see around the corner, (and none of us can see around the corner right now it’s pretty universal) our egos are screaming “Hell no!”, check please!

We stand at edge of the abyss that started a year or so ago but we are at a critical point this month and these next few years. But remember that this process is a natural of process that has we have gone though for millions of years, it’s safe even if uncomfortable; trust nature. Keep showing up and interacting the best we can. ( I have to add of course..keep meditating!!)

End of September Venus in Leo, square Mars in Scorpio. Venus and Mars are the cosmic lovers, with this square there are sparks, dynamic interaction sparks and stress. If we suppress or repress (suppress =we know we are doing it,  when we repress=we are not conscious we are doing it); either way if we bury it , it will come out anyway, in one form or another.

We are dealing with issues about what we want, what we need, how we are going to get it, money comes into play. However Venus and Mars also can play well together in stress, the playful side of love, sexually intense, competitive, can work with it creatively. Must be willing to be use the stress and move into creativity.

September is one of the those months, but it’s part of a process. This is a time of dynamic and profound change, and we can chose to work with it consciously or side step it; but the better we work with it this time, the better off we will be, since this square will continue to repeat over the next few years. The more we can do the better off we will be the next time around.

Blessings and aloha!


Here are the 4, 15 minute segments.

Monthly astrology forecast for September 2012 with Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer from SoulFood Books in Redmond, Washington. Recorded on 9/5/2012.