Mercury going retrograde…keep breathing

Just a quick note to remind you all that Mercury (planet of communication, technology, travel etc.) is going retrograde within a week. I have seen different times listed, but in Hawaii time zone it goes retrograde on the April 18th and direct on May 12th.

Regardless, we are definitely in the shadow of Mercury right now (oh so very much yes!).  I can feel it myself and I am having conversations with people (friends and clients both) who are already feeling it. This retrograde will be in Taurus the entire time, so there will be a lot of time to revisit ideas of support, security, finances, and also concepts of sensuality (Taurus is a very sensual sign!).

It’s a good idea to triple check forms, be even clearer than normal about communication, and allow more time for travel.

Mercury in retrograde is all about review, revisit, revise, renew, recreate (catching the “re” theme there?). It’s a great time to edit and see things you missed before. Retrograde periods can allow us an opportunity to catch up with ourselves (since going forward at our normal clip is usually not really possible);  to find out what we have missed internally in our mad dash for the finish line (whatever that means for us today). How do we feel? What needs to be heard,  to be said, to be redone?

It can be an exciting time and/or a challenging time, and it effects everyone differently. If you have Mercury retrograde in your own birth chart then it is usually a much easier experience. I look at retrogrades less fatalistically than I used to, and now I look for what I can do rather than what I can’t; this is an excellent time for meditation for example! I also try to be somewhat practical as well, and make sure things are backed up (blog, books, computers, ?) before it goes stationery retrograde.

Chaos can be incredibly creative,  so perhaps embracing the nonlinear experience of a Mercury retrograde, will allow us to visit places that we would have normally missed, and see things of value that were overlooked before.

Join me in remembering through all the changes, to just keep breathing!

Blessings and Aloha ~Erika