Evolution instructions…how interesting

I was in the midst of a clairvoyant reading session with one of my long time clients, and as often happens, I got some additional information, not specific to her. Think of it as a carrier wave of information coming in on the initial signal.

This particular bit of information was one of the things that prompted me to create a blog, very interesting stuff this, and it is just one part of a lot of information coming in. I am just going to report what I saw and the information I got as a result. This all came through as of March 17th. If you aren’t interested in esoteric energy postings, move along nothing to see here.  🙂

I was looking at the energy around the planet and I saw that there was an energy grid around the earth, I have heard of that before but never seen it.

I saw this almost silvery web/grid around the planet way high up, it reminded me of where satellites would be. I saw also that there were these hubs, or nodules or machine-like things (not really machines though) that were placed at many of the cross pieces of the grid at various places, not at each one but periodically, it wasn’t uniformly distributed, it seemed like it had to do with concentrations of population or concentrations of energy.

I saw that these hubs were beaming energy and light in broad beams. It was actually just a way of seeing this flow of energy/information to the earth, the beam was spread out, wide not a single beam (like a wide angle mike) and that this was sending all this information to the earth and it’s inhabitants and this information is coming on many different frequencies, simultaneously, like layers, and that each person would receive it at the level of their own frequency.

I also saw that there are a lot of people getting the information that aren’t consciously aware of the fact that it is coming to them into them, that it is affecting everyone but not all are aware. When asked what the information was what I got was “Evolution Instructions“.

What I also found interesting is that this is a compliment to the Kundalini energy that is coming up from the planet. For some background…I talk about the Kundalini coming up from the earth a bit more in my chapter on Kundalini in my book, or you can also read it here at the Esoteric Library~Kundalini:Touch Divine Fire.

I hope I can explain this in a way that makes sense…The Kundalini coming up from the planet as part of our shifting energy, is already assisting the process of transformation. That particular energy, which is stimulation everyone’s lower vibration stuff (their baggage as it were), is now combining with the layers of energy coming down from the “sky”. The energy coming from the grid is coming in from “above” us as information and up-leveling just as the Kundalini is dealing with the earth aspect coming up from “below” us.

I also got that the hubs themselves were kind of automatic, meaning there were set to go off when the planet reached a certain energy level/vibration. But that the information wasn’t automated, as in they were beaming stuff that was current information. The whole thing is exponentially increasing the vibration of the planet and its inhabitants (ie us) but this is something that on another level we know about because we are here on purpose at this time and this place.

Something also about the fact that not everyone is consciously getting the messages from the hubs (our collective soul evolution information?) so that the people that are receivers of this are also tasked with being the transmitters of the information and that it is important for everyone who is receiving to also transmit in some way so that the information gets out into the mass consciousness.

The act of receiving and transmitting will lower the vibration of the information simply by the act of putting it into language, but that is a good thing because then it means that is will be easier to receive by people.

Ok that is all for now

Blessings and Aloha,



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  1. Looks great Erika! I personally love grids and often paint them. Never with mashed potatoes though, get what movie I am alluding to?

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