Surfing on the wave of planetary shifts

The energy these days is like a big wave. It used to be that people who were used to working with energy kind of knew what the tides were and they could navigate the ups and downs. And then all of a sudden over the last couple of years and the last year especially, it was like the tide came it, and never went out again and that the waves are increasing in size so that folks that were treading water just fine for a long time have had to quickly learn some stronger strokes or find some water wings, or just get out of the water.

The beach is still beautiful so is the sky and the sun, but it’s a whole new game.

People keep waiting for the water to calm down, so that what they used in the past will work again, but that doesn’t look to be the case. The energy is shifting, and it’s jumping up in quantum levels, not so much the smooth ride any more, more like the energy field of an electron jumping to a new level, the energy is added and it become something new. it happens in these big chunks. And while this used to be the case there was way way more lag time in between and time to adjust.

back to the water idea…

And now it’s more like finding a board and surfing because the water level is not going back down, this is a whole new ocean, and the best way to be on it is to ride it and use the energy of the waves to take you forward along the edge..really really fast.

All if this is analogy of course, but it works in some ways, all these words are just that…words, but it can help to make sense of some of the experiences we all are having. I will add to this as I get inspiration and information.



2 thoughts on “Surfing on the wave of planetary shifts

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    I decided today that it is all about shadows and echos! My shadow has my back and my echo goes before me to pave the way and of course returns to me to give me a thumbs up! The way I see it I am protected from all sides and I know I belong here … where I am.

    1. Ohhh I like that, the whole echo thing resonates with me! I can see it in my minds eye as this wave moving outward and forward and bouncing back, making that interplay like waves on water.. you know those interference patterns that add to or cancel out waves forms.. love that image great visual..

      I love that you commented!! YAY Bonnie!!

      ( I am looking at gadgets to add to this page.. I am contemplating Google friend connection.. but I am wavering) I have the code so when I get the internal go ahead I can do it..)
      by the way I am still thinking fondly of a computer chair I didn’t buy hhhaa (as I sit perched on the edge of my resin patio chair writing this.. maybe after tax return.. or maybe after some unexpected income..mmmmm )


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