Telekinesis, Awakening, and Updating your energy ~ Erika Ginnis

How’s your telekinesis these days?

(Disclaimer.. this is one of my very “wooo wooo” intensive posts…just saying)

Telekinesis (TK) energy is that energy you use to move objects without touching them physically. It is also the energy you use to blow out light bulbs unintentionally and make street lights go out when you pass by them :).

Traditionally this energy would flow though the same channels as your healing energy would flow. I will go into more detail about those channels later on in the post; but for now just know that it would normally flow down your arms and out your hands and normally TK would be set at a much lower level than the healing energy would be.

Grounding is especially important to use with this energy; which is why you are much more likely to blow out a light bulb turning the light switch on right after you get up in the morning (or whatever part of the day/evening that might be) when your energy is still zinging along and you haven’t found your body enough to really ground it yet (i.e. still half asleep).

There is some interesting things coming up about TK and in looking at the energy again I started to think back and realize that there have been some changes recently around all of this; especially during sleep/dream time.

I have been aware of seeing some symbols related to this; they were white circles with a black line around the outside, and inside on the white background there were all kind of black lines looking like wire bent at right angles and squished together, it reminded me of something like a cross section of some kind of tubing. There is also a kind of overlay of purple energy on all of this.

The reason I mention this here, is that these symbols seem to be relating to some past lives many folks have from working with TK energy in Atlantis. (There is a lot of past life information over the years about the “technology” of using sound vibration for doing all kinds of things, like moving objects and shifting energy.)

The symbols are often found in the hands and the 6th and 3rd chakras. Now we have symbols of all kinds of things since it is one of the ways we store and communicate energy as spirit, but the interesting thing that came up with all of this is that normally we will update our symbols and use then as we need them, but these symbols were kind of staying in “past time”.

What I saw is that we get tempted to keep these (and other symbols) in their “past” form because of the validation it brings us; it shows us that we have had past experiences on this planet, and that we really have known how to move energy with energy. What happens though is that the symbols themselves can get in the way of what we are trying to do (like access that energy in a form that works in present time).

TK is an interesting thing; it’s so real and “see-able”. Telekinesis can seem like the best thing that can offer some kind of “hard” evidence. So you ask for it, want to keep it in order to find way to “prove” to yourself that this stuff (all the woo woo spiritual stuff) is real; which is understandable.

The deal is you still really have to work on the beliefs first, not because you have to have them for the evidence to appear (although it certainly helps) but because if you don’t clear or change the beliefs that say this stuff isn’t real, then as soon as you have it, regardless of what it is…walking on fire, bending a spoon, fixing something without touching it, you will have the validation for only about 5 minutes before you automatically start rationalizing it away, and it ceases to be proof and you start the whole process all over again. We are so funny!

If we allow these symbols (which are just packets of information we have stored) to unpack themselves and come into present time (meaning the version that will work for our energy today), we can use this wisdom in ways that will work, not only millennia ago, but in our lives here and now.

I mentioned “downloads” in an earlier post, mostly in relation to getting information when we connect to people or places. I am also seeing that happen when people are out of their bodies sleeping. This means we can actually wake up in a higher vibration than when we went to bed. Whee haw!!

Some information that I think may be helpful in regards to this ~
I noticed with downloads that there is a kind of default setting for the speed at which the energy comes into the body through the 7th chakra. I never paid much attention to this before! I think the default used to work a lot better than it has been lately with all the increased activity (meaning it may be out of present time). Without updating it, some days the default speed can be too much all at once and hard to keep up with; and when you aren’t caught up your energy can feel kind of haywire.

If you don’t address this your body can start to back up on energy and get kind of short-ed out (which can show up as feeling pain especially in the joints, or having excess energy flowing out into the world of electronics etc.). This is also increased by all the astrology with Uranus and Saturn being at odds with one another (Uranus having a lot too do with electrical energy and lighting and erratic sudden changes) and the oh-so-soon Mercury Retrograde.

I got this image of a pinball machine; meaning everyone is going through what they are all going through in their awakening process (doesn’t mean a bad thing just a movement thing) and when they are all together then people are bouncing off one another like balls in a pinball machine and activating “lighting up” all these things in each other just by their proximity. So this makes grounding and letting things be smooth, even more important.

The good news is you can bring this into present time; and you can also manually/intentionally set the download speed to a variable rate. It’s similar to how you would work with your computer actually; even easier in fact.

To adjust this simply make an agreement with yourself (best done during meditation of some kind) that you will download information at a rate that is comfortable for you; whether you are in or out of your body (in other words, sleeping or awake).

In addition to setting that intention to have a comfortable download rate for new updated information; I would also suggest making a point to update your energy system each time you get up in the morning. Spend a couple minutes to clear out your energy body especially the joints and the places where your astral body connects. Since things are moving pretty quickly these days, these shifts are happening way more often than they used to, which means that if you are normally used to updating your grounding, bringing things into present time every few months, that is just not going to keep you up to speed with your changes these days.

Telekinesis and Healing channels

I was taught years ago that TK and healing energy ran through the same channels in the energy system; and that at some point you would have to make a choice about which one you wanted to focus on because they were kind of mutually exclusive.

I am not talking about the little TK stuff but for someone like Yuri Geller (the person that my teacher used as an example) would have had to make a decision somewhere along the line that he was going to use those channels more specifically for TK than healing. I am not saying that this is true or not, just that it was what I was taught.

Now what was interesting is that I was getting some new information about all of this during reading/meditation; what I got was…that as things are evolving and the energy is getting quicker, that the TK energy is not really running through channels in the same way it used to (such as in Atlantis); it is shifting and evolving and running through channels of thought/consciousness which aren’t in any specific place in the energy system.

I am reminded of a scene in The Matrix

“Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.”
“What truth?”
“There is no spoon.”
“There is no spoon?”
“Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself”

That is such a powerful statement. If all is One, then all reality is also One thing, and so yes it is only ourselves that bend! It all happens in consciousness.

So in relation to this energy moving via thought, it means many things, but one of them is that it didn’t look to me like you had to make that same choice you used to have to make. Part of this is because with the increase of vibration in general, we have changed our relationship to TK; sound vs thought as the medium through which it is moving; and as such we don’t access it in the same way as we used to at all.

This frees up our healing channels to be used for just that, and not have to sacrifice our TK ability (if we choose to use it) in order to do healing.

One last thing that came up in regards to updating information. If you work with guides (an entirely different subject I realize but stay with me on this) remember that guides evolve just like we do; since we are in fact, all spirit. So if there are guides that you are working with it is also a good thing to update your relationship with them (bring it in present time) now and again to allow for that evolution process to have space for both of you. Otherwise you are interacting with an older version of the guide and they are interacting with an older version of you. Kind of like going back to visit relatives and they still see you as a young child or a teenager and we all know how much fun that is!!

Ok that’s all for now…see you on the next wave.

Aloha and Blessings,


(ok I couldn’t resist this last picture)