Third Wish November, my latest track uploaded to Bandcamp.

I call this piece Third Wish November. I started writing it on November 3rd 2018 and then so many things happened between that time and this, having come back to it in 2023… navigating cancer, the pandemic, planetary changes..

I always saw this as part of my yet unwritten musical, so that’s my vision still. I renamed it Third Wish November as a call out to the idea of three wishes, and approaching that Third Wish, so it feels a little hopeful, a little playful & maybe a little sad & a tad unsteady…yet containing magic, much like it feels living life today.

More will be coming in the future. I am releasing these as I get them up on Bandcamp, there should be another one in the not too distant future. Please follow me on that site if you are curious about what I am creating.

Please be well and happy.

Aloha and Blessings,