Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces Sept. 18th 2010; Lightworkers start your engines.

Photo credit NASA

I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post tonight. I should actually be sleeping, but I am not remotely tired (that may change by tomorrow morning!). I decided to check into the astrology for my own transits since I have been feeling a lot of interesting energy in general today (kind of erratic; sometimes great sometimes not at all great) and I thought hmmmm I better see what’s up.

Low and behold at this moment, even as I write this post, Jupiter and Uranus are at 28 degrees Pisces (per HST) right on TOP of my Mercury; and opposite the Sun in Virgo.

I knew this conjunction was happening again (last spring the conjunction was in Aries…June 8th remember that anyone?) and I knew it was coming up soon; but I lost track given a lot of shifts in my personal life in relation to someone who (drum roll please) has Sun in Virgo 29 degrees (yes that means an impending birthday).  So my life is playing out that opposition once again, this time with the amazing planets of Jupiter and Uranus conjunct my natal Mercury (this was why I was hesitant to write anything tonight LOL, who knows where I will end up).  I have been planning on writing on the upcoming Venus retrograde coming up in a couple weeks; and I will do that but it will be a later post…sometime next week most likely. I had in all honesty not been paying attention to this latest transit in a year of OMG transits (the technical term again), well it would be more accurate to say that in the living of it I had not been studying it.

So what does this all mean? Well lets look at who is coming to the party…

Jupiter weighs in quite large and expansive, higher education, travel, abundant life; traditionally known as the “great benefic” in old astrology. It is the planet whose transits signifiy the individual reaching out to include more and more of the ALL, the Universe, the energy of the cosmos. It is also about largeness, making something big and grand. When applied to consciousness it is literally about expanding and raising consciousness. Interestingly it also relates to law and legal systems and government officials ( I say interesting because here in Hawaii we are having our state primary today, which should be interesting under this transit).

Next we have Uranus which is electric and eccentric unusual and unpredictable, lots of sudden shifts and changes occur when Uranus is strongly aspected. Uranus wants change and it wants it now thank you very much. This is great if you are up with the change but very unsettling if you were hoping for (holding on to) the structure which is up for renovation. Uranus loves the individual and freedom. It’s not at all about the status quo (unless it is in the process of over-throwing it).  It is the “expect the unexpected” kind of transit with Uranus at the helm.

So just with these two to start with we have a transit of interesting and unexpected occurrences and opportunities. There is a striving for personal freedom in ways that have not been expressed before, there is the feeling of “lets run away and join the circus” since these two planets together inspire radical quick change, not so much about sticking to responsibilities. Balance can be helpful in all this, so that people who were counting on you aren’t left in the dust wondering what hit them. Travel can figure in all of this, or sudden inspired opportunity. Now this is just in general we haven’t even gotten to where this is falling or who is across the line from it all.

The plot thickens.

So this lovely conjunction is happening in (trumpet sounds inserted here) Pisces

(the trumpets were really for me since I am Pisces Sun and Mercury…but I digress…hmm maybe that’s two ways of saying the same thing :))

In a transit the sign that it occurs in will be the one to set the energy. So this party is being brought to you by Pisces..sign of the mystic, energy, soul, oneness; also occult and vagueness, and over indulgence and escapism via various substances (ah yes there is always that). So basically this party is sounding a little like a rave. I am kind of making a joke here, but as I type this I know there is a great deal of truth to that; perhaps a rave heavy on the Trance inducing music.

Last but not least we have the last energy to join the mix, albeit more transitory. This being the Sun in Virgo in opposition. Virgo loves structure and specifics and form and control; details and service, logical progression. So this helps with bringing the energy of this Piscean transit into the physical plane. So this expansion is not just about the stuff of dreams only, it is about real life and bringing those dreams into fruition and practical application. There is also even more potential for sudden changes in ones environment, especially any that prompt the expression of personal freedom and expression; self expression is key in this transit, and with the placing of the Virgo-Piscean axis it is the balance of Spirit and Mind; Oneness and individualization of that Oneness into creative manifestation.

This conjunction is very potent. Many amazing things are available within this energy. The shifts may be sudden and electrifying, but the resulting experiences can open our eyes to new possibilities on the consciousness front; Light workers start your engines! We are talking about energies coming together to foster, literally and figuratively, a richer broader perspective; new aspects of life, radical solutions to problems that you might not have considered otherwise but Jupiter gives the courage to go for it (oh for the presentation of new forms of energy on our planet… I love the potential here). Encountering life in a larger more expansive way (Jupiter), and feeling/knowing the oneness that we all share (Pisces), and doing it in a radical/unusual sudden transformative way (Uranus), and bringing it into your real world (Virgo/Sun).

Lots of changes on all fronts. These transits will effect everyone in different ways of course, depending on their own personal chart in addition to the global experience of the planetary energies. In my case it is showing up as a totally unexpected blog post in the middle of the night which, as I read what I have written,  is making a lot of my own life make way more sense.

Go out and let yourself be who you are, expand, express, tap into the mystery and let it surprise you; even if it’s feeling sudden and unexpected look for the ghost in the machine and “Party on Garth”.

Aloha and blessings,