New Cycle started this week after the eclipse (blog has a new look).

Starscape. Copyright Erika Ginnis. First published in Essential Mysteries a User's Guide for the 21st Century Mystic. 2009 Inbreath Communication.


Aloha All,

Well I have been wanting to update my blog for a quite a while now (meaning change the theme, get one that is up to date and see if I can make it work). I have tried this a number of times over the past three years. I loved the theme I was using and just couldn’t give it up, so each time I put it off even though it had stopped being updated years ago and eventually things just weren’t working like they were supposed to.

So here I am with Mercury Retrograde (perfect for re-doing anything), and on the other side of the major shift of energy which was the eclipse this last Monday, and without making a plan to do it today, here I am doing it today! Part of this stemmed from the work I am doing on another blog that I manage as a volunteer updating it and such. I found a theme I liked for them and thought huh, maybe I’ll use that one. Plus there are some cool new additions to widgets and whatnot that I had to try out for the other blog, and then was all yep I’m going to use all of that too. Hahaha.

I have been pretty silent (other than on Facebook) over the past two and a half years that I was working with the mediation center (yes I spelled that right, mediation not meditation) and if I get caught up in another intensive project I may go radio silent again, however I have a bit of momentum and time and so it feels good to get something out onto the page.

So how was the eclipse for you? Here in Hawaii it was just a small partial, and the clouds obscured it even so. However I saw amazing photos and great live video of the totality in the various parts of the country. I also participated in a global mediation series that was geared towards anchoring love, which was very cool.

The energy was very profound and there were dreams and insights that came through this process. I had a long meditation last Friday that ended up with my doing work on a planetary level to help shift and work with all the stuff coming up out of everyone as these transitions happen. I added to the grid which is already around the planet, adding a whole additional structure of roses (of course since that’s the symbol I use) placed all round out side of the grid to assist with draining off and transmuting the gunk (the technical word haha) as it comes to the surface.

I also started to work on a much larger level than I had been, working farther out into the solar system, not just on the planet itself. Very interesting things I have been observing energetically.

One other thing that I received in a mediation recently, maybe late Monday or yesterday, was the sense of the eclipse being a moment of time when there was maintenance that was able to be completed on a planetary energetic level, kind of taking something offline for a moment to do some realigning.

There is more, however I think that is all for now.

I have added some additional widgets to my side bar so you can listen to the free 15 minute Gold energy (Heal your Life) meditation from anywhere on the blog and I have hosted my gold ribbon meditation and linked to it so that you can listen without going to Soundcloud. I know there is some limit to the number of downloads you get and I didn’t want people to run out, so now that should be a non-issue.

Many blessings on this new adventure.