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I wanted to do this post because I have been corresponding with a lovely woman this last week who asked me a great question regarding my chapter on chakras (Essential Mysteries chapter 6); in the answering of it I realized that some other people might have similar questions so I wanted to post the conversation on here for everyone’s benefit.

Good morning, Ms. Ginnis,

I have a quick question on the chapter dealing with chakras. When you mention feeling the flow of energy from front to back in the funnel vortex, do you mean: a.) up the belly, through the center of the body, then down the back along or behind the spine; or, b.) a circular motion starting at the front, moving left (or right), to the back, then to the right (or left) back to the front?

Your description of the chakras is frankly the clearest I’ve ever encountered, and I sincerely thank you for that! Most other books simply describe the chakras as spinning disks, but never mention if the are horizontal or vertical. I have a much clearer visualization now, which is most helpful. I look forward to finishing this book!

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration on this matter.

Maria E. Cooper

Aloha Maria,

Thank you so much for writing!

Great question, and I hope I can give you an answer that makes some sense 🙂 talking about energy is an interesting thing, sometimes I think it would be great if I were an animation artist!

but since I am not here goes…

There are many ways energy flows, there is the way I talk about as “running energy” which is where the earth energy flows up your legs to the first chakra and down your grounding; then the cosmic energy which flow down from the cosmos into the top of your head, moves down your back channels on either side of your spine, flows also into the first chakra where it blends with some of your earth energy and then flows up the front channels of the body (that run on either side of your chakras, up and out the top of your head) branching at your 5th chakra and flowing down your arms and out your hands (becoming your healing and creative energy)..

Ok so once you have that happening you already have this flow going, and really once you have it going it is more of a general flow up the whole front of your body since the front channels are actually really close together, which means if you use your hands to feel it, and move it up the front of your body, you won’t feel two separate flows of energy you will just feel one even though there is more than “one” front channel.

So once that flow is going you can just move it/see it/feel it/know it (which ever one works best for you) and allow some of that energy, as it is flowing up and out the top of your head, to move from that flow into the front of whichever chakra you want it to flow into and let it fill the chakra up and let it simply flow out the back of the chakra where it will flow back into the rest of the energy that is already moving and find it’s way to your grounding.

The thing is, remember that you as Spirit actually already know all of this and so we don’t even have to think as much about directing it as we sometimes think. You can if you wish just get the energy flowing and then have the idea that the energy is flowing through the chakra and then flowing out the back and the energy will do it on it’s own. Having conscious awareness is so great, and enhances all of this, but at the same time it’s good to remember that there is that within you that knows all of this on some level and has been running your energy since you were born, and there can be relaxation in the midst of all of this too, it’s a balance.

There are also other aspects of running energy that we are also already doing but are not conscious of yet, and as we tune into our own energy we will begin noticing them, and I will also write more about them as I think of them too 🙂

Please let me know if this helps at all, and also if it does I would like to get permission to post your question and my answer on my blog so that in case anyone else has this question they can benefit from your asking it. I can just use your first name if you like or no name at all, just let me know.

Blessings and tons of aloha to you!!!

Aloha, Erika!

Yes, your response absolutely helped me immensely! I would be more than happy for you to post this on your blog, and I don’t mind if you use any part, or all, of my name.

I look forward to speaking with you again in the future, as well as reading your other work.

Blessed be & Aloha!


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