Energetic Weather and a Solar Storm ~ Erika Ginnis

Solar eruption of August 1 2010, Credit Nasa
Solar eruption of August 1 2010, Credit NASA

Sometimes it is oddly comforting to find  out about physical manifestations of energetic processes! I realize that is a mouthful, but what it means is; that as I and many others have been observing and commenting about the energetic shifts taking place on a spiritual and evolutionary level, there are also physical representations of this phenomena.

Once such example is happening as I type this,  which is the solar storm that has been taking place yesterday and today (August 3rd and 4th) due to the solar flare on August 1st.

New light, new energy, new things…

Good news is, there may be awesome northern lights for many people (probably not where I live, here in Hawaii as I am pretty far south) but definitely up where I used to live (Seattle area). I am curious how this will effect the electronics I know and love :). I do know that during one of my phone sessions today, we experienced quite a bit more oddness in cell reception. In fact we lost the call three times in one hour (which is a record for us).

There is a lot of new energy coming into us, and I find it bizarre and awesome that it is showing up as something as literal as the energy coming directly from the Sun. I dreamed something about the galactic center last night, didn’t bring much of it back but I know there is a lot of exchange energetically right now, and we are coming into a new alignment with a new level of power and energy. This is not trivial stuff, and I think people feel it and respond to it on a lot of levels.

I have been talking to a number of people who have been experiencing tremendous change, sometimes marked by depression, or feeling overwhelmed by changes, or by extra energy that they have absorbed without meaning to.  I have also been talking to clients who have been moving through this experience and are starting to come out the other side of it (yay!) and are moving into greater expanded understanding about who they are and what they want to be and do.

One common theme seems to be: becoming more, or becoming larger. I was chatting to a friend the other day about her business, she was saying that she knew she had two choices, staying small or getting really big, and that there didn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground as far as size of her business went. She was dealing with the ideas and potential limits she placed on herself whenever she thought about expanding.

This was interesting to me because I have gotten the information (from meditations and also from a reading by someone else) over the last month (as I may have mentioned in earlier posts) that I am supposed to be expanding and getting my stuff out into the world more, “moving into my Goddess self” yikes! LOL

I was told I have been keeping myself, my visibility too small. Well fine, I moved to the middle of the Pacific ocean, but I guess that is no excuse. I am kidding a little here, but there are larger forces at work here, for all of us; or better to say AS all of us. We are all being asked on some level to make choices, and to become bigger, more…to move into another state of beingness.

Ok so I can relate to feeling a little intimidated by all of this; but in the midst of this here comes this Solar storm. What does that mean? Well we are being bombarded by way more waves/particles of energy. This is something that is true on a “psychic” level, but now we can actually see videos of this happening on a physical level as well.

Video of solar flare

The physical mirrors the energetic and the energetic mirrors the physical. Perhaps we can look at it also on an archetypal level as well, seeing this bursting forth and coming straight at us here on the planet, as being an energizing factor for our new evolution as a planet. The Light of the Sun literally breaking off and cascading toward and over and around us, giving us more potential energy to use in this transformation.

How are you going to use this energy? How are you responding to it?

Something that can come up when we feel ourselves drawn into a new arena is fear and our limitations. Sometimes we want to do something new or larger, and just the fact that we haven’t been doing it yet can stop us from even starting it; as if we need to have been DOING the new thing already in order to feel justified in doing it now! Seems silly when I write it down, but I am betting I am not the only one who has run into this concept.

So what is the answer? I think it is just to re-frame it.

Use what you have done as the evidence of what you CAN do, as opposed to the reason you can’t do it  (“I can’t do this job because I have not done it yet, I have been too busy doing this other career and so don’t know how to do this new thing). What you HAVE done is your spring board for the new thing! Think of it like a brand new canvass, just waiting for the brush and the paint to create something new and exciting and beautiful.

You can also use the same process you used to do what you have already done (either spiritual or mundane) to do the next things; build upon what you have done, even if it feels really different.

Here is some additional information I saw today as I was working, in relation to us becoming larger. I saw the image of Self as spirit being like an over arching umbrella, and that we need to balance being within our creations and being above them.

We come into them to get them “all over us” in order to really feel them and visualize them and bring them into manifestation. That is great we dive right into the middle of what we are doing, merging with it, enlivening it. This is awesome, and part of the dance and the process. However what I was reminded of today, as I was doing a reading, is that we also will benefit from going up to that umbrella view; to go up above it all and remember that we are spirit, that we are not our creations.

Remember you are the spiritual being that is the energy that funds whatever you are creating, but you aren’t your creations; even if your creations are made of your energy.

In the same way that you are not your body, you are also not any project, or relationship or job, or even your evolutionary process. You are that which is experiencing it and creating it.

One of the techniques that I remembered again today was one that I think will help all of us in this new process. It is the process of commitment without attachment; or owning something %100 as spirit without absorbing it.

It is one way in which we separate from what we are doing %100 as spirit, and at the same time own our creations %100.

This may be challenging to conceptualize (and harder still to verbalize) but one way I was taught to do this was to imagine (most easily done from a place of quiet and meditation) two roses out in front of you, one representing your own personal energy and the other one representing the project or creation.

Take the roses and move them (in your minds eye) so that there is space between them and allow each to have the energy that belongs to it specifically; let it flow into each corresponding rose.

Imagine all of the project/creation energy that was present in your personal rose to flow back to the project; this allows us to have space from what we are creating giving us more perspective.

Imagine that your personal energy is flowing out the rose which represents the creation or project rose back into your personal rose; this allows space for the project without all the accompanying limitations that we might be bringing to it.

Then I would suggest to sit quietly and just get the concept that you are owning your creation %100 AS SPIRIT, while letting yourself be %100 “separate” from it at the same time.  What this does is to remove attachment to and effort around your project or new endeavor. It allows your effortless energy as spirit to be free to flow. It helps remove limits that we may still hold, from our newly envisioned goals.

One thing that I have been struck with on this topic that I have been meditating on since it really hit home; was the idea that you do not have to be the BEST at something (ie perfect) to be good at it; or for it to be worthwhile. I started to wonder how many people are not doing/sharing their gifts and light and ideas because they judge it as “not-as-good-as” and so don’t do it at all? If I take that to the extreme it means there can only be one who is the “good one” at anything; and even if you are the ONE that is the BEST, there is so much energy going into keeping that place because that itself is so transitory! Plus it’s totally subjective! I am not saying to stop striving to be the best you can be at something, but there is a difference between having that as something you are inspired to do; and letting it stop you from doing all kinds of different things or new things.

This becomes more important as we move into new avenues of expression that may be entirely new for everyone since we are all evolving in so many ways.

All is one, even though we are all a variety of expressions of that One. Each time you let yourself move forward become larger greater, move into new territory, it’s like one of the flowers on the HUGE tree of US opens and blooms; each time a flower bursts open it stimulates more flowers to bloom.

One thing that I believe to be true is that we are all in a big period of change, call it a growth period if you like but it is a continuing experience, plus if the sun itself is part of the process, then that makes it even larger than we might have thought; exciting times these.

Aloha and Blessings ~Erika


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