Gravity as a function of thought; and the expansion of consciousness.

I want to put into words some ideas that I have been playing with lately. In order to begin though I want to put out a few premises.

1. Thoughts are things. Thought waves can be measured.

2. Gravity has an effect on time and space.

“Einstein’s Relativity Affects Aging on Earth (Slightly)” (Atomic Clocks Show Gravity Slowing Time)

So we have heard that space and time are curved and bend around things like stars. The quote comes from the above article:

“Specifically, Einstein’s special theory of relativity predicts that time does not flow at a steady rate, and it can be affected by acceleration…(and) The equations of general relativity also predict that gravity similarly slows down, or dilates, time.”

I am going to take this in a whole new direction of course, but it’s me and that’s my job 🙂

I grew up reading about the speed of light, and that if we wanted to have space travel we would need to find faster than light travel. Lately it has occurred to me that the speed of thought is faster than the speed of light therefore I could see us finding some way (in the future) to use the influence of concentrated thought as a means of moving faster than light.

We do this now but we don’t think about it because we don’t perceive that we are moving our bodies, therefore it doesn’t feel like motion; but then if you had instantaneous travel there wouldn’t be a feeling of motion either.

Ever been on a motorcycle and it felt like you weren’t the one that was moving, but that you were stationary and everything else was moving past you? I have had that experience and it was surreal. It felt like being in the eye of a hurricane, it was so still where I was; even amidst the noise of the engine with everything whizzing past us. It was so much like meditation. I was completely surprised.

Well what if that was what was happening all the time?

What if we are actually moving all the time along other pathways in such a way as it only looks like the continuous flow of time and space, our lives etc? It’s an interesting thing to think about, the idea that there are multiple possible futures all happening concurrently and that by our decisions, our thoughts if you will, that we are actually traveling between them; it looks and feels like linear motion but in reality it is actually like pulling frames from dozens of simultaneous movies in front of us one frame at a time based on where we are energetically pointed. So that seen from “above” we are actually “moving” through experiences that we pull from this vast ever expanding array of potentiality.

This gets back to that idea of electrons i.e. “matter” being really made of probability clouds and that they collapse into position when we observe them. So we are actually collapsing our reality into a chain of experiences not because they are already set before us exactly, but because we pull the frames into being at the speed of thought.

We create space and time around us as we focus.

So back to the thoughts as things and gravity ideas.

Thoughts are things and these things actually have mass however tiny and as such thoughts create their own solar system. The gravity of a thought is the thing which creates what people call the law of attraction; and if enough thoughts come together and gather enough other thoughts together then it will eventually create enough mass and gravity to create physical matter that is dense enough to perceive with our physical senses. The more intensely focused and collected the thought energy the more pulling power this gravity has, and as the new thoughts join it then it has even more pulling power. This is consistent with how some teachers explain LOA.

So I think then that thoughts do have gravity, and if thoughts have gravity no matter how slight then they are able to effect time and space, just like something as large as the Sun does, although on a different scale.

So why do we care?

There is evidence that gravity (which should be a much greater force than it is given the mathematics behind it) is theorized to possibly cut across multiple dimensions, and that is why it has a relatively weak force in this dimension. Thoughts also cut across many dimensions, they are free to exist within and outside of regular time and space in the same way.

Let’s play with the idea of something like the Sun being made of highly focused and concentrated thought energy; which gives it its mass and its gravity and its ability to bend space. Then it would coincide with many different spiritual traditions which say that the manifest universe is the out picturing of the idea in the Mind of the Divine. Taking that a step further; if we are made (as some say) in the image and likeness of God then wouldn’t it make sense that that means less about the specifically physical shape of us but more of the thought shape of us?

And that as we are an individualization of that Source then we too are constantly creating our own solar systems and galaxies all the time, but the suns are our focused intentionality or decision; and the orbiting bodies are the experiences and gathering of energy around these same ideas.

Consciousness is indeed Cause.

OK so the Sun’s gravity holds the planets in orbit and the solar system together, the gravity of the spinning earth holds us onto the surface and the atmosphere around the earth and maintains life on this lovely green home of ours.

So with thoughts having gravity, and enough thoughts or more laser-like thoughts having stronger gravity, then concepts like condensing or bending time is not as far fetched as we might have imagined; and in fact I think we are doing constantly. I know in Theta healing the time frame that the healing is done in is not the same one as regular life happens in; much more can be accomplished when you are operating at a different wave length. It makes me think of how time is relative based on perspective; within a computer time, there are eons between my typing one word and the next, or even one letter and the next. It is shown again with the example of the Atomic clock used in that experiment…

“Atomic clocks work based on the number of vibrations an electrically charged atom experiences as it moves between two energy levels. For the clocks used in the experiments, one second is equal to more than a million billion vibrations”

which is why something like this time differential can even be measured. So time is completely relative based on perception. Change your perception and you change your experience of time, and as it seems to indication in the experiments, change your relationship to a source of gravity and it will also change (measurably) your visceral experience of time.

This is exciting! So what happens when we start to really tap into our awareness; refine it, concentrate it, get more intentional with it? We can see evidence of this all over the world, with “miraculous” healing taking place, and things like remote viewing happening, and clairvoyant reading and prayer, the call of intuition and the gathering of so many people across so many different cultures feeling the internal changes. All of these things are part of us waking up as a race; as consciousness becoming self-aware at a deeper level.

I believe that as we learn to do this that there is a coalescing of energy and information; which is the same thing as saying we increase our “pulling power” our “gravity” so to speak. That as we shift this and energize this internally and then collectively; each with our own uniquely specialized vibration operating within the larger structure, that we then shift the fabric of time and space. Perhaps that is another description of the awakening that is happening spiritually on a global level.

What if the Sun started out as an idea? What if the Sun was a collection of very densely packed and energized ideas? What if it was a representation in this reality of some amazing amount of gathered agreement of light energy/thought energy and this is how it shows up in this specific dimension. What if that which is at the core of a star or a planet which gives it its spin or its gravity, had more to do with some kind of consciousness; thought then being the creator of gravity, being synonymous with gravity. Whoa yes that is a very interesting direction. Gravity is a function of thought.

Harness that and you can find faster than light travel, ways to bend space and time, and so much more. Develop that as a global consciousness and the sky is no longer the limit.

What is really interesting though, is that we may already be doing just that; only difference is…we may be finally becoming conscious of it. That changes everything.

Aloha and Blessings,