Present time as a Healing Vibration. by Erika Ginnis

Present time is an energy, just as everything is an energy. It is also a concept; one that gets talked about in many different ways. It is the idea of being in the here and now. Present time is your point of power, the place where spirit and body mesh, where you can communicate with yourself as spirit most easily.

I have had people ask me how to find present time, how to know if they are in it or not.  And while there are a lot of more esoteric answers to this question, the one that makes the most sense and is the simplest is this…if you want to know where present time is…look for your body! Your body exists in the present moment; it is this great marker for present time. Find your body and you will find present time.

Now of course I can go into a long explanation about time and space and that you can have your energy spread out across all of it. I can say that there are energies in your body that are still vibrating in the past, and that there is usually some of your focus checking out the various possible futures that exist; and that at the very core of your cells and energy there are most likely vast differences in time frames. This is all accurate and I may in fact go into it at some later date; however for the purposes of this section let’s put all that to one side and put our attention on present time in a different way.

You are spirit and you are energy. You are vibration and your vibration is very fast and very bright (the nature of spirit). You are infinite and are not bound by time and space. Vibrating as rapidly as it does, your energy as spirit is not normally seen by the human eye.

You also have a body, and that body is also energy and vibration. The difference is that your body is vibrating slower than you as spirit vibrate and so it appears as solid, and it appears to have mass, therefore you can see it with your eyes. You body exists in the garden of time and space. It has a point of focus into time and space and that point of focus is called present time; what we refer to as the here and now.

I have heard it said that our bodies are bound by time and space, and while that may be true, I prefer to think of it as our bodies have their home in time and space; it is the way in which we as spirit come into this plane of existence, how we have experiences here.

All of this reminds me of the ultimate “Virtual Reality”. I am going to take a digression for illustration: I play computer games and I love movies, both of these media have been being improved upon recently; high definition and soon to be 3-D television equal more information on the screen, making it all look so much more real. Computer games have better and better graphics and hand sets where you can feel the action and microphones through which you can talk to other players.

I think about this and I think about virtual reality and things like science fiction that portray holographic reality that feels like the real thing. I am taking this digression because these things get my mind going; and where I end up is that we are mimicking in our technology what we have already accomplished as spirit.

We are already living in the most advanced virtual reality environment that we have imagined. We as spirit have these amazing “avatars” if you will, our bodies, and we mesh with them as spirit and by doing so we are able to walk and talk and smell and experience this planet in all its glory (our planet has it’s own consciousness by the way, and we are also a part of it, but I will not go into that right now…one digression at a time!).

I can only guess where we will find ourselves as our technology moves forward, I can imagine layers of reality one on another…wait, we already have that, those would be dimensions. Perhaps we are just in the process of creating another layer of our ongoing creation we call time and space.

The better we make our virtual reality the more “real” it seems, and the goal is to make it as real as possible yes? This brings me back to this idea of being spirit in a body. The more real something seems, the more we are likely to believe it is real. And while this is awesome for a computer game, it can be confusing for us as spirit. When we come into our body in any lifetime we are immersed into the energy of the time and place, and it is so wonderfully real that we sometimes forget (momentarily in the grand scheme of things) that we are not our experiences, we are the ones having the experience! We are spirit!

We as spirit want to remember who we are, and some people do this by trying to make the “reality” less real in any number of ways. This can work but it also takes us out of the “game” so to speak and we lose out on why we are here in the first place.

-Back to my digression.

It is possible when one is playing a computer game to set things up so that you are hovering above the character you are playing, or be right up close to all the action. In the case of watching a movie, we can be in a dark theatre with a huge screen and 3-D glasses on and lose ourselves in the story, or we can be watching it in the living room while snacking and talking with our friends, and having an entirely different experience. These are great analogies for how we work with our bodies.

Many people like the hovering (or more detached) perspective, which is fine, but doesn’t allow much in the way of hands on experience or influence. Some people like to be right in the mix, but then feel like they lose themselves and don’t have enough information about where they are with respect to the over all game plan and want more sense of scope. What if we could have the best of both worlds?

I, of course, believe we can absolutely have both; we can have the rich experience and remember who we are at the same time. This brings me back to present time. When we remember that we are spirit, that we are that which is having the experience; we can use our entrance into this reality, through our bodies via present time, as a way to be both the “experiencer” and the witness to the experience. It can give us that fully immersed perspective while still maintaining access to all the controls (so-to-speak) as we play this game. We open an avenue for communication and intuition (our guidance from within). Being in the here and now you have access to all the communication available from yourself as Spirit and from the wisdom of your body (as well as from the Universe as a whole); you know what is going on with you, and within you; emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As we release the clutter in our energy system and body (via things like meditation and grounding) it not only gets easier to be in present time, it becomes more pleasurable. Often the reason someone will avoid being in their body is simply because of the discomfort they feel when they run up against the out-of-phase energy that is stored in it from the past.

I mentioned that present time was not only a point of power, but that it was/is an energy all unto itself. Often when I do healing work on myself or someone else I will use present time energy as a way of melting away that which is no longer beneficial so that the clearer more current energy can bubble up into awareness. Simply the act of “bringing something into present time” will raise the vibration and release what no longer applies.

This is something you can do yourself as well. Practice by playing with your focus.
  • Let it wander to the past, and then wander to the “future”.
  • Notice that your focus can be anywhere you decide to put it.
  • Then let it come back to the here and now; use the sounds around you to bring you back to this moment, allow the moment to flow through you.
  • Feel your clothing on your skin, the breath going in and out of your lungs.
  • Release energy down your grounding and settle into your body a little bit more.
  • Give yourself permission to fill up with “present time” energy and let it melt away anything that is no longer appropriate for you now.
  • Let this energy update anything that needs updating in your energy system (back to the computer game analogy again). This can be especially helpful for information brought forward from other times and places; information will be much more useful if it is in a format that you can use today as opposed to lifetimes ago.

Another benefit of present time; as you gather yourself up into the “now”, you have more energy available to you. Ever feel you are spread kind of thin? Ever wonder where your energy goes? Think of having a glass sitting on a table. Let this glass represent present time, your point of power. Any water in this glass represents the power you get to use to create your life and experiences with, there may be a little water or a lot. If you tend to have your energy stuck in the past (why did I say that?? Why did they do that? If only I had…) or flung out into the future (someday I will be perfect and then I will be happy…), then there is less energy available to you in the now, which is where your life actually happens. Imagine several other glasses on the table each with a little water in them. Let them represent your attention spread out into the past and the future; how much water is in them? As you ground and breathe and come into present time, it is akin to pouring more of the water into the present time glass; allowing more of your energy power and focus to be available to you. This is good news!

So what about if you don’t like what is going on in present time?

Great question, glad you asked!

You shift your reality by shifting focus, by shifting beliefs, by taking action inspired by intuition. All of these things require energy and power to work; your energy and power. The more “water in your glass” the more power behind your intention for a new future.

The more you are in present time the greater your connection to the Truth of you and the clearer your vision for what you want to create will be; the more light of you will be shining in the direction you choose to point toward. I don’t know about you, but I walk much better on a well lighted path.

Present time is a wonderful healing vibration. Play with some of the things I have outlined and see if you get some benefit from them. It’s all about finding ways to enjoy this amazing experience of being spirit in a body this lifetime. We are here (in my opinion) totally on purpose, so why not fully embrace it and find that balance where we are totally in the game and still remember how much fun it is to play as we are playing.

Blessings and Aloha ~Erika