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my face 2013Erika Ginnis, originally from the Pacific Northwest, now located in Hawai’i, has served  as a Clairvoyant Reader, Energetic Healer, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Teacher and Writer since 1982.

She combines her additional study in New Thought, Theta Healing, Astrology, and Ritual Work as a 3rd degree High Priestess in the Sylvan Tradition; and founder of the SilverTree Grove in Pahoa Hawaii; to create a private practice, Inspiration is the Inbreath of Spirit, that draws from a variety of energetic and healing traditions, and is open to all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.

Erika offers ceremonies, lectures, workshops and classes in Meditation, Energetic Healing, Inner Journey work, Kundalini, Spiritual Leadership, and Personal Transformation as well as private Spiritual Counseling and Coaching.

She has had numerous articles published in print and on the web. Including; The Inner Voice, The Goddess Quarterly, Kajama (Australia), Sex-is-sacred, and Wiccanweb. She was a contributing writer and also served on the editorial board of Widdershins (the Northwest Pagans Choice) for many years. She currently has her main practice on the Big Island of Hawai’i, traveling occasionally to offer various workshops and personal sessions, she also offers sessions by phone to clients all around the world.

She is very excited about her recently published book

Essential Mysteries: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century Mystic.

And here is the personal version 🙂

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I am amused bubbling enthusiastic spiritual energy having a grand old time in a creative and inspired body here on planet Earth.

I am a Pisces woman. I am a spiritual teacher/counselor, Theta healer, reader, minister and Pagan HPS, as well as a member of a New Thought church (Center for Spiritual Living East Hawaii), who worked for years in the Pacific Northwest and now lives in Hawai’i (I still work via phone with clients all over the world). I am an author and also the owner of a tiny publishing company. I adore my work!!

I am a multifaceted individual who likes to smile and feel good. I have long white hair past my shoulders. I am also a singer (many different styles), a lover of the Flora and Fauna of the Aina (land). I am very eclectic and have been a part of many different communities over the course of my life.

And yes I am totally excited about my new book (available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble.)

Essential Mysteries








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  1. I was trying to reconnect with Cliff (who I lost touch with maybe ten years back when he quit returning my annual birthday calls) and I came across your Facebook page.
    Love to you and blessings

    1. Aloha Again Bob, I did get your second comment but I didn’t let it show on here because I didn’t want all the spam folks to get your phone number if I made the comment public. Just wanted to let you know so you didn’t think I didn’t get it 🙂

      it was great talking yesterday!!!

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